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Win a free VR headset bundle of your choice contest.


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Hey everyone,

As we get closer to launch, we are doing something really fun to help promote Scraper: First Strike.  We are going to give away a free headset, the prequel novel and a big Labrodex swag bag.  There are 5 second place prizes and 20 3rd place prizes.  Check it out below.  All you have to do is refer a VR gamer to our the contest and that's it.  Game is coming on all 4 major VR headsets.

Details below.



Also, we had our combat trailer put up on IGN, which is below.  


Tons of stuff going on with the game now.  Just check our socials for more info. Thank you!

**Please note, this contest is not affiliated with HTC Vive or Viveport and is the sole responsibility of the poster.**

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