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October is a month for creepy and mysterious games!


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Here we are in the middle of October. The Halloween feel is ramping up. Pumpkins, scary movies, creepy costumes, and even pumpkin spice flavored beverages if you are into that sort of thing. We've been playing all sorts of cool horror inspired games here within the HTC Vive staff. 


If you are into the idea of fun jump scares, there is a great game called Don't Knock Twice. I've enjoyed this a couple times now and feel like they definitely get it right. 

Don't Knock Twice is a first-person horror game based on a psychologically terrifying urban legend. To save her estranged daughter, a guilt-ridden mother must uncover the frightening truth behind the urban tale of a vengeful, demonic witch. One knock to wake her from her bed, twice to raise her from the dead.


Explore a grand manor house and interact with almost every object you see. To find and save your daughter, you will explore all depths of the manor, searching for hidden clues and using items to fight or escape the terror that surrounds you.


The game is based on the film, Don't Knock Twice, starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and directed by Caradog James (The Machine).


If you are into a more Dark Sci-Fi type game, you should definitely check out Torn. 

Deep within a forest no one has ever seen, in a field no one has ever stepped foot in, you come upon a house that should not exist. You push the door open, step inside, and begin to record. Scientific papers and instruments are everywhere, the research of Dr. Lawrence Talbot, reported missing more than 50 years ago...


For Katherine Patterson, a video blogger and explorer of the abandoned, Talbot’s mansion is the story of a lifetime, worth millions. But as you begin to unravel the mysteries Talbot has left behind, nothing can prepare you for the truth that lies ahead. Record everything you see, for in Talbot’s world, nothing is as it seems.


Torn is a VR mystery inspired by works such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. The story was written by video game writer Susan O’Connor (Tomb Raider, Bioshock) and its score composed by the Garry Schyman (Bioshock).


Does Torn sound interesting to you? How would you like to win a FREE copy of Torn via Viveport? Well, head on over to our Gleam contest and get up to 5 entries for a chance to win. 

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Wow you just picked the two games im playing next week, 
Dont knock Twice is part of the count down to Halloween and i love the game its really well done and always makes me jump. 

I havent played Torn yet but its part of the Viveport Wednesday so i will be streaming that next week. It does look super awesome 

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