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Question Time: What Movie would you like to be virtually Teleported into?


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Im loving all the answer my questions get if your reading this leave a reply this forum is more than just complaining its about discussion of VR things. 
So Reading a report about VR/ movie crossover being the next big thing im intrested to know if you could be inside a movie what would it be and why. 
I would love to be in Jurrasic park. I love Dinosaurs and that movie in 3D was just brilliant but to have the chance to be inside walking with the dinosaurs as the scene played out would add to the next level. 

Ok lets hear your answers. 

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Well Star Wars could be a lot of fun but if you like scary movies, Alien would be fun. I was impressed when I saw a whale very close with "the Blu" but this would be a different level to feel just like Ripley :).

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