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How to redeem VIVE Pro in-box codes (new/existing Vive users)


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Please stop your services as none of the things are user friendly and none of the things works properly in Vive port. I have a reedemption code and I m not able to use it because you want me to add the card details. The worst experience ever. You are fooling customer with viveport services and offers. Why i have to enter my card details if it is free and If i need to pay then I will purchase till then why you need my account linke with credit/debit card. You are literlay Bandit Kings.


I didnt recieve any of the wallet money neither I m abel to subscribe , there is nothing i got as you mentioned above. 


I have both HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro still not offers , no benifits which is promised.


Worst services. :(


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Recognizing that this thread is older...the vive.com/code page does not respond. Error 503: Service unavailable. Have tried multiple browsers. The Viveport subscription page redirects there instead of allowing redemption. Seemingly no way to redeem the code. New user. 


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