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Best of luck with this important moment in VIVES history- VIVEs moment in the global pop culture spotlight. The company has done a wonderful job and a enormous amount of effort and preparation. I hope it all goes extremely well and exceeds all expectations.


The new textures, shells, stones and other details added to the Driftwood environment did not go unnoticed- and I am positive Ready Player One fans will be thrilled to see that giant robot creature- in the flesh- or is that in the metal ?


My suggestions- continue to iterate. With the immminent release of VIVE Pro HMD upgrade users are going to want richer, more complex and more high resolution textures almost immediately.


These environments are an excellent place to demonstrate this- perhaps options will appear for ‘Vive pro - Driftwood experience’- likewise developers - get on it - and start enriching those environments and games.


Lastly, I would just like to congratulate Vive and Viveport for the phenomenal pace and adaption to the market- while maintaining consistency of quality and expectations.


We are all very much hanging on the end of out seats awaiting announcement- and the prompt release of Vive Pro upgrade for us- the early adopters and core user base who have invested, supported and cheered Vive on from day one.


Do not stop innovating- the hardware is there- now we need refreshing of titles, second generation textural details and nauces. Enchance sound effect and soundtracks.


I am very encouraged by the museum like exhibitions and other titles that provide meaningful and rich experiences - with even higher fidelity - it’s time for more dynamic interaction, more dynamic environments and high quality experiences. 


Lastly - Bring on the VIVE PRO HMD upgrade - we are suffocating here









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