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New Viveport Team Member: David R aka VibrantNebula

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      Greetings everyone, my name is David Romero and I am the newest addition to the Viveport team. I am specifically focused on developer support and hope to be a helpful resource for anybody experiencing technical issues related to the Vive ecosystem. I hail from Denver, Colorado and am extremely excited to be part of the growing and rapidly evolving Vive community. I personally come from a multidisciplinary background that is deeply rooted within natural sciences, specifically microbiology as well as amateur astronomy.

      My interest in VR extends back into my childhood but became firmly cemented during my time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where I had to opportunity to run Gate’s Planetarium which is essentially a 55-foot diameter virtual reality chamber.  I am primarily interested in the potential for VR/MR/AR to reunite the scientific and artistic communities and facilitate platforms that enable universal access to volumetric educational content. I am deeply obsessed with photogrammetry and volumetric capture and you can follow my personal endeavors into 3D on Sketchfab @VibrantNebula.

    VibrantNebula     by VibrantNebula     on Sketchfab

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Welcome aboard David!!! For anyone unsure, those embeds are real volumetric scans of real things. It's all very clever and I don't pretend to understand.


Say hi everyone!

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