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  1. I'll have to do some math but my initial thoughts are that's its way too expensive. I'm very disappointed by this as I've been waiting on the announcement for a while now. Are these prices final? When we get the list of games/experiences? Thanks, Jamie.
  2. Hi all, Just reading through the comments and it seems theres enough people planning on opening an arcade here to warrant a deeper discussion. already suggested this on the first page, and I'd like to see if anyone else is interested? I'd love to find out what everyone is planning and I think we could all help each other a lot. So if anyone wants to bounce some ideas around please let me know here. Cheers, Jamie
  3. Thanks again for the reply , Couple of clarifications / follow-ups: - Call for assistance while in-game - do you mean a generic, "I need help" sort of thing (like, effectively, a warning light on a console) or more like "I'd like to order a Coke"? Just a general call for help so they dont have to take off the headset, headphones etc. And if i could talk directly to the via their headset it would save lots of time. - Control all software - do you mean being able to, for example, shut off someone's access? You'll be in control of what software's available on a PC via Viveport Arcade. I assume you're talking app-level control? (Also makes me think: age restrictions could be usable as a setting.) Age restriction is a great idea! App-level control if possible :) , but being able to control or even see the viveport overlay from my computer would be helpful (assuming there is an overlay). You cant see the steam overlay on the monitor so it can be hard to explain to a user what to do when you cant see what menu they're on. All the best Jamie
  4. Hey , Thanks for the reply Some features i'd love to see in the software would be Ability for users to call for assistance while in-game let the users check how much time they've left, 10 and 5 minute warnings let me speak to individual users via their headsets be able to control all software from main computer tracking of stats, and maybe even customers (to see trends with repeat customers etc.) Ask the devs to make a video tutorial for each game, and let users view it in their headsets while in the lobby etc ( some games assume you know the controls when you do the tutoral the first time) --see question 1 :) All the above would help shorten the time spent on explaining, problem solving etc. These are just examples of some of the stuff im thinking about, the price to get somebody to make a custom system are too high for most shops i'd imagine. I'm not even sure HTC will go down this kind of route with their software but id love if they did :smileyvery-happy: Couple of more questions Are any of the games going to be designed or changed to suit arcades? I know brookhaven and a couple more are but i know some games will have problems with saved progress from previous users. Things like tutorials might be skipped. Raw data has an arcade version releasing soon and im hoping others follow suit. Does HTC have a recommended play-space size for arcades? Probably be the same min space as a home setup but you never know! Thats all i can think of now but im sure i'll think of more later. On the question on having somewhere to discuss these things, id love to see a didicated place to chat but i only joined yesterday so i dont know if theres enough numbers for it. I have lots of questions for other owners and feel we could help each other a lot. Thanks for listening Jamie
  5. Im in the same boat as  and . I'm opening the first week of december with only 4 "playspaces" to start because i cant afford a good selection of games because of the commercial licence setup. I'd be very open to talking here or elsewhere with anyone else that wants to bounce ideas around. Some general questions, Is there anyone using their own software to help with the running of an arcade, Like the arcade software of old but VR orientainted . (In-game ability to call for help, tracking of trends. etc) And have HTC any plans to make something like this?? What motion chair are they using in the pictures? Is there even a rough estemate to when this goes live? Any plans to change the headstraps for the commercial version at least?
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