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  1. To add 1 more thing.. we're getting group bookings now for up to 2 hours. We currently quote people £40 on a 2 hour 2 rigs party booking for up to 6 in the small room as it would be an exact 2 hours - not the usual 1h15 as people do "have enough" at around that length of time. Even when swapping in and out to take turns. With 2 rigs for 2 hours we'd be lookng at €40 of Viveport fees, leaving nothing to cover Rent and other overheads. With Steam licensing we'd be running a profit if we can fill all our weekend slots. But with viveport pricing we'd have a massive loss. That should ring some alarm bells.
  2. Hi Stephen , is the Viveport arcade forum open yet... would like to add some comments which I don't want public. We've been running thevrhub.co.uk for a few months now and can give some insight into pricing. I think we've got out pricing about right as I worked out what other activities like bowling, going to the cinema or paintballing cost on a per person per hour cost and our £15/hour per rig base price is about right if you consider you can share it and take turns. We can lower pricing from this if a group comes in and takes 2 or more rigs as we can take less staff time explaining the kit, and 1 staff member can supervise both rigs in a room instead of having 1 per rig. These prices are sustainable even with Steams's quite pricey license fees as long as we keep the number of titles per rig down. If we had to pay €10 per hour per rig on Viveport, that's €20 of our £25 mulitplayer session fee gone. Thats £17.69 at current exchange rates - assuming we don't get the usual $1=£1 conversion :( Thats a non starter for me. Having only about 7 titles on a rig isn't a problem for customers - even those with the shortest attention spans are finding the mix we've created more than enough to keep them busy and we're now starting to get repeat customers.
  3. . Not available yet... UK store is here but check for your region... https://www.vive.com/uk/vive-deluxe-audio-strap/
  4. Talking of marketing I wouldn't be suprised is HTC make a gear VR equivalent and I'm just not aware of it! ;-) Given their leading position in the PC VR market is seems making something that runs Daydream apps, would be a great +. Will have to check out next time I'm due a new phone. Droppped my S7 edge recently and it now has a purple line 1cm in from the right. I can live with it for phone use... but in the Gear VR it's very distracting :(
  5. Think you'll be expected to buy one. Otherwise there might be 450,000 other Vive owners decide its time they learned Unity ;)
  6. Hi Rockjaw. A thought just popped into my head. Say a person who doesnt own a vive wants to sign up and use our Vives at a VRCade would that be possible. So for example a regular customer who comes into play at least weekly or more could use their own Viveport account to play, instead of using up our Commercial minutes? That could be a cheaper way for us to offer VR Time and keep the pay per minutes for one off customers. Got another question but will pm you that ;)
  7. All I can say is BOOM! Followed by a little groan from my company debit card. Which is meant to be on a diet. That headstrap looks essential, for the wireless adaptor. And the accessory mount track looks like I need to be prepared for a whole host of things to stick it onto. It does seem to be puching the price up and up into VRCade / commerical type territory thought, with people already complaining about the price. Personally I'm happy - as I recognised the opportunity and am now probably less than a month away from opening... hopefully Viveport Arcade will be available in time for me opening my doors!? Any ideas on when it will be available for Beta in the UK? I want to point out I'm a system tester in my day job, working on large scale enterprise systems ... so if you need volunteers to prove it works... nudge wink. Will be looking out for these gun controllers and bats etc.
  8. Lol.. remind me if this VR business flops I should ring up whats left of HTC and offer to implement them a decent CRM system. By decent I don't mean the overcomplicated bloatware SAP ... which is probably creating this mess.
  9. I've got lots of ideas to share... want to keep picking up people on other social forums first and pointing them here. Keep mentioning you want to start a VRcade and get them on Viveport. There will be a time shortly where I'll disappear as my shop lease is almost sorted - got some recommended wording changes today from the lawyer... so then it will be hell for 3-4weeks. I'm thinking what we actually all need is not to go private yet but throw in some ideas what arcade owners will need - that's different to a home user... here's some thought starters from me... A means of controlling access to titles. Both as paid time, and age based. Being able to bill customers for their time. Links to a central PC or a cloud based system? Having games that are easier to pick up than the standard edition. Maybe through in game training rather than lobby training. E.g. No one wants to shoot targets instead of baddies. Just turn off damage for a start and do the tutorial as you go along. Games need a way to end which isn't "your time ran out". The old way was - make a boss level. Or ramp up the difficulty. In VR or modern gaming, can that be done differently? Make it you pay to do a level raw data being an example... you can finish even if you die... you get about 10 - 15 minutes per level. The come back is trying to get the pick ups and bits you missed. Or do it on hard mode. Do we want to encourage - just another go type play? Do we have morals, or are kids addicted to gaming ok? Do we want gamer profiles? Eg. Logins or usb sticks so players can store previous game progress. I don't like USB due to security issues - so an in store login or RFID member card might be better. For a link between developers and arcade owners.... We definitely need more stuff than "there's a zombie, dinosaur, alien... I better shoot it then". VR means you can be anyone do anything. Not a human form that dislikes all other species and player and none player characters. That said how about a game called "Alien Zombie Dinosaurs from Ancient Planet Hell". LOL - that's not been done before. Personally I want to be a ghost and scare the **bleep** out of other players in a VR maze. Whoooooooooo as I pop out of the wall :) But what ideas can we come up with that devs can go off and built prototypes for and then get us to beta with customers? I've got access to a nearby team of 55 unity and unreal developers so looking forward to emptying my crazy mind in their direction. Try not to copy anything that's been done before - a space shooter would be cool. Nope. Think you have hands, physics that can be twisted, you have motion and size and shape to play with. All sorts. Fancy being a wild cat - hunting deer. Yep. How about a fish. Trying to evade being eaten by a shoal of dolphins. Yep. Want to see how high you can drop an egg onto the floor before it smashes - and then how high you can drop it before it smashes someone's skull? NVidia just built their new breakage modelling ;-) How about skyscraper Jenga. What about wiring up a house with electricity - while the cables are live, and its raining. Instead of an escape room how about a break in room. Kung fu... what has no one done kung foo! Surely it's just a matter of time before I get to pick someone up and throw them to the other side of the room and then stare at them with laser eyes! Did I miss this? I can't believe no one has done it? How do we get the other 50% of humans involved. You know - females. Creative and emotive experiences apparently appeal more than smashing and shooting stuff. Oh and all my female family and friends seem to like having the crap scared out of themselves. I don't - I scream too much! What do arcade owners need most of all though... games too big to fit in a living room ;-) Fullsize roomscale 4x4m minimum. Someone posted on Youtube a big room where they got the lighthouses working over at least 10m! Multiple players in one space, and real hands and props. Stuff that gets expensive for home use but in commerical use is your value add. Devs - we need to work with hardware developers. There's 300 signed up to make laser tracked peripherals so I wait to see if we get tennis rackets, kick shoes, base balls, shields, and not just 300 varieties of AR-16s. Judging by the number of Zombie shooters I may be hoping for too much :( Right... lets get this show on the road! Don't worry about getting the cost down, lets up the fun factor, get an income back to software devs and HTC and we'll get the price down on Vive 2.0 ;) Simon "GrimGreeener" Heath.
  10. Lol... turns out its not LiFi... someone quoted their specs which say 87Mbit/s... which isn't LiFi speeds. That means it's using compression instead as a 90fps 2180x1200 3bytes per pixel needs circa 5Gbit/s. I.e. An HDMI or display port cable. They are quoting lag of 15ms.... so may jut about be doable. Must be good enough is HTC China to feature it on their own accessories store not say "It's a 3rd party product - nothing to do with us!". Fast compression - hmmmn. What are they throwing out of the data? Maybe they just transmit changes and not the whole screen and dropping a bit of bit depth in the colour - 10 bits per pixel instead of 24? Be interesting to see what's at the PC end... hardware compression box, or just leave the PC to do that?
  11. I'm not sure if you have a different PS VR to me - but I can't stand mine. I'm setting up an arcade so bought all 4 (inc Gear VR) to compare. I now have 4xVive, 2xRift, 2x Gear VR and just one PS VR which I will probably sell - it's that bad in comparison. Key problems... + the head strap may be comfortable but it's a pain in the ass to adjust when swapping between players who never used it before + the lack of a strap to pull it to your face means light leakage. Lots. I even get reflections coming off the wall behind me in the lenses. Trying to get it right is a constant fight between comfort and view clarity. + it's very easy to move the headset and throw everything out of focus. Its constantly drifting. + The controllers don't track properly - holding a pistol in Until Dawn - the guns aren't where your hands should be. + the cables just won't go anywhere they are comfortable they just become a tangled mess and you can't adjust the headphone easy when you are in the headset. Steam pop up and point is much better than a physical set of buttons you can't see + most of the games are designed to play sitting. So you end up sat on the sofa, alongside family and then end up punching them in the face when playing games like the heist. Other than that it's great :). The games quality and 3D modelling is noticeably a different class, voice overs etc. It's just a shame the hardware is so poor in comparison to the Vive. I've been lying on the floor in H3 practising sniping with the Barrett at 400m. And 32x scope. Try that on a PS VR! Or diving on the floor to avoid incoming fire in SPT, lying on my back in the one bit of space still free shooting at the drones. Get into onward and despite the lower quality graphics, the gameplay is what matters.
  12. LiFi? WiFi is too slow for 90fps 2.5x HD resolution. Look at the close ups on the product page it has vive like tracking cutouts. May be a preproduction render... but why else would you need those? LiFi uses direct line of sight beaming of data using visible... or near visisble light. Potentially hundreds of times faster than wifi. Also note in the UploadVR video... the transmitter is mounted high... you dont need to do that unless its to stop things getting in the line of sight. I may be wrong, but if they have LiFi working this is indeed a game changer.
  13. No. But if anyone wants to give theirs back I'll offer £550 ;)
  14. 17 eur/hr sounds cheap for a VR racing rig. Get on it quick. I know how much the comnercial licenses cost and how much the rigs cost (if its a motion simulator) and would expect it to be more like €40/hr. Theres a non VR gaming centre near where i used to work in Southampton UK and to do a group session of racing with just 32inch monitor each and fixed seats was over £30 each! I wonder... are they licesnsing the games or just ignoring the T&Cs! 3 titles I know pricing on are over £1000 per seat, with one of those a yearly fee not a one off!
  15. I'd never heard of Omega Sektor somehow missed that - which considering I was working in Brum at the time - and one of the offices I used to visit about once a month was across the street above Snow and Rock. Lessons to be learned there I think.... opened 2007 at a cost of £4m. Closed 2008 with debts of £300k. Ouch! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Sektor Start smaller and spend more IF the public catch on. I'm sure every business sound great to the owner... but as the book I've been reading keeps reminding me - who are your customers going to be and how are you going to let them know you are there? One place to check out is Meltdown Bar in London - next week they are running an event with HTC doing eSports in VR. They aren't going for the same market as me - no alcohol in my place, but am interested enough to go and see what they are up to. The other place I know that's open is down in Camden. Virtually Reality. Popped into visit them when I went to the VR/AR show a couple of weeks ago. Closer to what I have in mind, but not as much spent on theming. Though they are now opening more across london.
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