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  1. Hi @JPangburn

    Are did you purchase these via Viveport or are you using the Infinity subscription? If you can provide that information, it will help in checking out this issue. I'll also be turning it into a ticket on your behalf. You responses for the ticket will go to the email address you have connected with your forum account. 

  2. Hi @fertooos

    Looking into this a bit more and reports in a few other places, this seems to be an issue with the OBS client itself. Just to make sure, can you screen shot the error that pops up. 

    Also, one thing to try, if your CPU can handle it, is to go into your stream settings and switch from your GPU to your CPU. Let me know if you still get this error. It will help me out with more information. 



  3. Thanks for getting back to me @Drepanox

    After moving those files over, in your "Library" you should see, on each title, a row of dots when you hover over that. Click on those and you will see "Repair". Click on that and it will search for and validate that the title is in the location. Make sure your download folder is set the same directory as where the games are located. 


  4. Hi @Hashan

    Are you getting any interference in your environment that could be causing this between your wands and lighthouses? If your base stations are facing light directly, this can cause an issue. Has this been happening on and off for a while or just happened this time? Also, have you updated your firmware? 

  5. Hi @boothdcb

    You can change the install drive of future games but it might cause issue when reaching the games on your C drive. I would recommend, if you have the space on your other drive, copying over your Viveport folder than contains your current games to the new drive you would like to use. Once you do that, you can change the location of your games. Then, all you have to do with the ones you moved over is click repair and it will verify the location and you are set to play all games old and new. To do this, log into the desktop app, go to settings, and change the default folder. 

  6. 17 minutes ago, Brejaiah said:

    So basically you can't just give a headset for a visual aid, for a speech I am working on? That is understandable, and I thank you for commenting and letting me know.

    Yes this is it. I wish I could help you out with it. Unfortunately, I'm unable. 

    Also, I'm editing out your email address so no one else can see it. 

  7. Hi folks, 

    I currently don't have sight of how the ticketing system is flowing as I am on the Community Team. On top of sending in a ticket, I can start one for you @Fabito, I would recommend reaching out to the folks on our hardware forums at http://forum.vive.com. 

  8. Hi @Wesaraw

    The way you are doing it should capture the screenshot you are trying to take.

    Check out these instructions and let me know if they help, if not we will figure out how to get it taken care of. 


    How can I capture screenshots in VR?

    While in VR, press the System button and the trigger at the same time. You'll see a notification when the screenshot is saved.

    You can access screenshots directly from the Steam client by clicking View > Screenshots.

    To find screenshots from apps downloaded in VIVEPORT, navigate to the Steam installation folder. The default location on 64-bit versions of Windows is:

    C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots

    If you have chosen a custom installation folder, navigate to it and find the following subfolder:

    ...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots

    Screenshots from other apps can be found in their respective folder:

    ...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\[app folder]\screenshots

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