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  1. Hi, If you copy the folders for Viveport from your old PC onto an external HDD, then copy them over to the new folder in the exact same place, you SHOULD be able to hold onto your saves. It's a bit of work but that should solve your problem. Try that and let me know how if it did or didn't work.
  2. Hi @Venoshii, Currently, we aren't offering sponsorships or partnerships. However, if you want to pass me your information for your streams, I will gladly check them out for when we do.
  3. Hi. I've started a ticket on both posts about this for you both.
  4. Thanks for letting us know @TomCgcmfc. I'll pass this along.
  5. Hi @Hashan, Are you getting any interference in your environment that could be causing this between your wands and lighthouses? If your base stations are facing light directly, this can cause an issue. Has this been happening on and off for a while or just happened this time? Also, have you updated your firmware?
  6. Hi @gms, How many times did this happen. Are you able to reproduce it? Trying to get as much information as possible so I can pass it to our team. Thanks.
  7. No problem @Fabito Head on over here. https://forum.vive.com/
  8. Hi @boothdcb You can change the install drive of future games but it might cause issue when reaching the games on your C drive. I would recommend, if you have the space on your other drive, copying over your Viveport folder than contains your current games to the new drive you would like to use. Once you do that, you can change the location of your games. Then, all you have to do with the ones you moved over is click repair and it will verify the location and you are set to play all games old and new. To do this, log into the desktop app, go to settings, and change the default folder.
  9. Yes this is it. I wish I could help you out with it. Unfortunately, I'm unable. Also, I'm editing out your email address so no one else can see it.
  10. We don't normally grant asks like this. If we were we able to, it takes time to go through the process to make that happen. Unfortunately, for what you've shared, we wouldn't be able to fulfill the request.
  11. Hi @Brejaiah, Unfortunately, for this situation, I don't think we would be able to assist. On timeline alone, we wouldn't be able to set it up in time.
  12. Hi folks, I currently don't have sight of how the ticketing system is flowing as I am on the Community Team. On top of sending in a ticket, I can start one for you @Fabito, I would recommend reaching out to the folks on our hardware forums at http://forum.vive.com.
  13. Hi @Wesaraw, The way you are doing it should capture the screenshot you are trying to take. Check out these instructions and let me know if they help, if not we will figure out how to get it taken care of. How can I capture screenshots in VR? While in VR, press the System button and the trigger at the same time. You'll see a notification when the screenshot is saved. You can access screenshots directly from the Steam client by clicking View > Screenshots. To find screenshots from apps downloaded in VIVEPORT, navigate to the Steam installation folder. The default location on 64-bit versions of Windows is: C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots If you have chosen a custom installation folder, navigate to it and find the following subfolder: ...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots Screenshots from other apps can be found in their respective folder: ...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\[app folder]\screenshots
  14. Hi @rhys62, You can pick up a 3 in 1 cable here. https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/3-in-1-cable/
  15. Hi @CréaLab PAS, Unfortunately, the only way to sign up for a VIveport account is to use a credit card.
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