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  1. Hi @JPangburn, Are did you purchase these via Viveport or are you using the Infinity subscription? If you can provide that information, it will help in checking out this issue. I'll also be turning it into a ticket on your behalf. You responses for the ticket will go to the email address you have connected with your forum account.
  2. Hey @ijkkjcccdkrszyr, I checked with the team and found that Superhot VR is no longer in Infinity. We have a ton of new titles coming and you can check this blog for more information. https://blog.vive.com/us/2020/01/30/coming-soon-infinity-abode-2-ultimate-fishing-simulator-vr/
  3. Hi @ijkkjcccdkrszyr, This looks to be a technical error. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We will look into it.
  4. Hi @arknes, To get an informed answer, you will want to post about this issue on our hardware forums at forum.vive.com.
  5. Hi @gms, As far as I know, you can't change your login name once created.
  6. Hi @fertooos, Looking into this a bit more and reports in a few other places, this seems to be an issue with the OBS client itself. Just to make sure, can you screen shot the error that pops up. Also, one thing to try, if your CPU can handle it, is to go into your stream settings and switch from your GPU to your CPU. Let me know if you still get this error. It will help me out with more information. Thanks, SNP
  7. Hi @polk, im not sure if you received my PM so I will resend it to you. Keep an eye out shortly.
  8. You are looking at 4-8+ hours depending on your play style and the quality and capacity of your battery cells. You can use rechargeable batteries.
  9. Once your subscription ends, you will not be able to play the titles you have downloaded. If you purchased any games, you will still own those and be able to play them.
  10. Hi @polk, I will check into this for you and get back to you ASAP.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me @Drepanox, After moving those files over, in your "Library" you should see, on each title, a row of dots when you hover over that. Click on those and you will see "Repair". Click on that and it will search for and validate that the title is in the location. Make sure your download folder is set the same directory as where the games are located.
  12. Hi @morisman, Can you please send me, via private message, the code so I can check on it. I want to check on the status of that promotion and see if something can be done. Thanks, SNP
  13. Hi, If you copy the folders for Viveport from your old PC onto an external HDD, then copy them over to the new folder in the exact same place, you SHOULD be able to hold onto your saves. It's a bit of work but that should solve your problem. Try that and let me know how if it did or didn't work.
  14. Hi @Venoshii, Currently, we aren't offering sponsorships or partnerships. However, if you want to pass me your information for your streams, I will gladly check them out for when we do.
  15. Hi. I've started a ticket on both posts about this for you both.
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