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  1. wrote: Ok smart guy how am I crying when I am simply stating facts? The fact is that I would like to get into VR, I have a great PC with a GTX 1080 Ti that would crush it. Those are expensive items and you know why? They are worth it. Two OLED screens and a set of headphones in a plastic shell strapped to your face are not worth what you are asking so I will hold my cash until a true high-def VR experience is available for a semi-reasonable price. Good Enjoy the wait. Join us in Vr in 5+ years if your lucky. By then you will maybe need to upgrade your pc as well. Your Vive 1.0 was not ready for mass market so I like many others did not buy. Way too many limitations and too low resolution. Simply not ready for prime-time. The Vive Pro MAY be ready for mass market appeal but you just priced it out of reach so many people like me will simply go without until it is worth what you're asking for it. Who is going to buy the Vive 1.0 now that it is obsolete? We will all just wait for you to come to your senses and drop the price, or your competiton provides a better solution at a price that is not retarded. The Vive 1.0 is not obsolete as the Pro is not its Replacment. I really dont think you understand that point. But as you sit there all bitter and sour over the price holding onto your $$$ I will be enjoying my Vive and my Rift. :mantongue:
  2. https://youtu.be/LMhK7Kmllhk
  3. Yep and your the very person that my post was aimed at.
  4. https://arcade.viveport.com/landing?_ga=2.255660424.1298213002.1521809495-1850818864.1521809495
  5. Im not sure its Htc/vives fault. Im based in Thailand and its not been available here, High import taxes i would say is the number one reason they dont sell here, Add to that i would say most people dont have space or a PC to run a Vive. So i dont blame them for not selling in my country. Im guessing the same goes for your country. Import taxes, No resellers, not enough demand for the units. Its annoying but i see there reasons.
  6. wrote: , how about "salty over not able to pre-order in my country" kind of ppl ? :D How r u man :) ? Hey im doing good. Im in the same boat as you its not available where i am but its not the end ofthe world. I Will get my hands on it at some point. Its just a question of when.
  7. Hey hey Se7en here love me or hate me i don't have to be as "PC" as the Vive guys. So Guy and Girls go grab yourself a box of tissues some Extra Salty chips and start to read this. The Pro is currently not for the average home consumer, Lets make it even Clearer. Every singe person that has said boo hoo im not going to be buying that. GOOD. Its not for you. The Pro is aimed more for Arcades, Business, Development, Education, Not for a gamer or someone who wants a few extra pixels to be able to watch VR porn. This is NOT the Vive 2.0 or even the Full Pro Kit that will come either Later this year, next year or the year after. Enjoy what you have if you already own the Vive. If you don't go out and buy it they just reduced the price. Its still early days in the world of VR things take time to be developed and hardware needs to time to catch up. Take a good hard look at yourself and read back your childish outbursts is it really the end of the world for you, don't you have other things to worry about more than a cost of a hmd. Screaming and shouting about it. You think it will make a difference? Accept that you cant afford it or your not going to pay the asking price or you are going to have to wait a little longer for the full version to be released. For the Vive mods you guys must be having a hard time at the moment dealing with these kiddies. Im sure your Job description didn't mention babysitting and the abuse that you get. Keep up the good work it wont be long before something new and shiny comes along to take move their focus to.
  8. All you Salty people out there over the Price. Take your mind off of it and go shot some steam powered robots
  9. So nice to see some Viveport members entering thanks for the support it really does help
  10. https://youtu.be/dsiV5NBmPzw
  11. Did you Win? If you didnt go out and buy the game and enter the monthly races. https://store.steampowered.com/app/500110/Glider_Island/
  12. i dont think that link should be included it is not vive or vr related Link to post:(How to Create Video using VIVE?) by saipallavi https://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/How-to-Create-Video-using-VIVE/m-p/16261#M4201 <p>Hi I am Saipallavi <a href="http://backlinkss.eklablog.net/top-1000-high-da-sites-as-of-march-2018-get-quality-backlinks-free-a138310962" target="_self">SEO link building</a> Expert and i want create some videos for youtube marketing. If anyone knows how to create video using VIVE?</p> This message has 0 replies
  13. Hey just to put a smile on your face. Highway madness offered $30 steam cards to people who made a funny video in their game. This is our entry what you think?
  14. https://youtu.be/00q9Ev2065Q
  15. listen to the instruction and good luck
  16. Nowhere The link is dead im getting a 500 service error Would like to watch the movie and then maybe chat with you about coming on my VR show to do a little promotion
  17. We had Liv in this week Se7ens being punished, Flag and Dam take over and the Game of the Week is not a Vive game :(
  18. Just giving this a bump for all the new people
  19. Hey hey its giveaway time. 2 random keys this week but only 40 enteries allowed so get in quick.
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