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  1. Theres a lot of free games as well to try out But you got a good selectin there.
  2. Hey Everyone Going to be posting a Weekly Question Just because im Bored of seeing so many Negative things being Posted on the Group i would like something positive to read once in a While. I understand peoples Frustrations with Service etc and this is the Right Place to seek help the Team here do work Hard. But lets also have something nice to talk about. So This Weeks Questions is What Are Your Top 3 VR Games? Mine Are: In Death Glider Island Steamhammer
  3. http://youtu.be/Y8V-dNoa47w This weeks new release show incase you missed it
  4. Its Puppet Fever Giveaway Time We got some keys all you need is your imagination and some friends. Click here to enter------->
  5. This weeks show of New VR Releases http://youtu.be/zZj70RBTx9k
  6. OMG VR Regatta Giveaway and Skyrim VR Giveaway We are just spoiling you all too much
  7. Hey Brian To give you a Quick Answer yes VR could let you do all those things you want to do. With Apps like Virtual Desktop working inside Vr is doable. Running on a mac im not sure if thats possible just yet Apple did make an announcment last year but not seen anything since. You can find your minimun spec here https://www.vive.com/us/product/vive-virtual-reality-system/ Interesting story here about how VR (Vive) changed a Blind Persons world https://venturebeat.com/2016/10/02/virtual-reality-isnt-a-game-for-legally-blind-man-it-helps-him-see-clearly-for-first-time/ There is also this game http://store.steampowered.com/app/606360/Mech_Skeleton/?beta=0 which is made by a legally blind person. I hope this helps a little and please let us know if you do buy into VR and if it makes a difference to your life.
  8. http://youtu.be/yCNhsALSMV8 Great interview with the Dev from VR Regatta and lots of great games for vive as well
  9. Its SkyrimVR or is that SkyWinVR ;) Week with Helixxvr. Lots of games this week so check out the show. Dont Forget to enter the SkyRim Giveaway http://youtu.be/9HHSVV-_tY0
  10. not sure its even spam but it make no sense Link to post:(non) by Cowbug18 https://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/non/m-p/17200#M4430 This message has 0 replies
  11. OMG SkyRimVR Hype its giveaway time
  12. wrote: Just watch the film in IMAX 3D, omg is was bloody brillient, been a while since I have enjoyed a film that much. If you get a chance to watch it in imax 3d, I highly recommend!! Dont forget to send HelixxVr a pic of your ticket stubs you could win the cost of the tickets back in our ready player 1 show
  13. Are You Ready for an Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden among our videos we have left you some clues. Show us what it takes to be a true Gunter
  14. On this weeks show. Go watch the Movie and win a chance to get your money back on the tickets plus all the best releases from this week https://youtu.be/oTSJiKg53sA
  15. Want to battle in a multiplayer game with Bows and Arrows Enter to Win
  16. Are you still Crying over the price. Im buying shares in Tissues you must be using so many of them. Move on the vive is not for you. Thats clear you have said it yourself you wont be buying one so nothing else to say. Let this forum return to its calming love of all things Great about HTC and the Vive. The Fairies wish you well.
  17. the guy is a troll Since he joined this forum all he has done is Bitch about graphics cards, prices of the pro and how bad everything is. Its been fun pushing his buttons are getting the reactions that i been getting. This forum needed a little entertainment and i want to thank the Mods for letting the clown stay From now on all im going to feed the troll is Fairys and lip balm Im sure he got lost on his way to Reddit.
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