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  1. http://youtu.be/dPhV15LY0v4 Its Giveaway time and this week its Beat Saber. All you need to do is watch the video of se7en polishing his Sabers and enter Via the link.
  2. With the Release of Nefertari: Journey to Eternity. one of the more real experiences i have tried in VR . Where would you like to explore in a Virtual world. How about the catacomb's of Paris or The Tower of London Dungeons.
  3. https://youtu.be/_5rH8_PvlF8
  4. With Viveport and Steam having a Summer Sale what games will you be getting from your Wishlist?
  5. This weeks Giveaay is the Awesome The Forest
  6. https://youtu.be/PZABT7gj9pE
  7. Winners winners https://youtu.be/HCVPNLE0Or0
  8. Whats hot this week in VR https://youtu.be/9Cqk4M7XwSY
  9. This weeks giveaway is Wanted Killer VR
  10. Im loving all the answer my questions get if your reading this leave a reply this forum is more than just complaining its about discussion of VR things. So Reading a report about VR/ movie crossover being the next big thing im intrested to know if you could be inside a movie what would it be and why. I would love to be in Jurrasic park. I love Dinosaurs and that movie in 3D was just brilliant but to have the chance to be inside walking with the dinosaurs as the scene played out would add to the next level. Ok lets hear your answers.
  11. So keeping with the Positive posts in this forum. With so many new games out weekly do you try and buy something new all the time, Do you wait and treat yourself once a month. Maybe you use Subscription Service of Viveport and pick a few games try them out and buy the ones you like the most. I try to buy at least 2 new games a week to try, play and stream. I have ended up with 50+ games that i still have not tried but one day i will get to them.
  12. Seriously you are not missing out on Much. The Game is just as buggy as the day it was released. I Really do a lot to Support VR and its Devs but you will never hear me say a good word about AZ or Vertigo games.
  13. http://youtu.be/gFC3XUrqwFM
  14. Its Giveaway time this week is the Awesome @PurgatoryFell you will need a fresh set of underpants for this game. Plus your chance to win a #GoldenTicket for the @Helixx_vr Birthday Bash where you can win $60 of @SteamVR games and a $15 Amazon voucher.
  15. Im Good I think the price of VR is dropping especially with WMR units costing a few hundred $$$ now to buy. The Graphics cards are high because of Miners and i cant see that changing anytime soon. Glad your still having fun with VR
  16. im sure a lot of you will say better displays, Lighter units etc for me,I would like more people playing. There are some really good multiplayer games and sometimes its hard to find players. I can live with everything else being as it is. So your Turn just Pick ONE THING
  17. Some top games there i like a lot of them especially wizards Do you enter the weekly giveaways i post? you should do we give some amazing games away
  18. http://youtu.be/fh7f-COf0wc check out our show the best new releases for Virtual reality
  19. I love horror and room escape VR games, I need more of them in my life. My two Favorite types of Games. I expecially love streaming them because everyone gets to see how scared i get. Have you tried the Bellows?
  20. You really want to get this Goldne Ticket for our Birthday Bash
  21. Its time for another question. How Has VR Change Your Life? For me Vr has given me More Exercise no more sitting around playing pancake games im up on my feet jumping around and moving so thats got to be a good thing. It's also giving me more of a Social connection and i have more "Friends" Just hanging out in Vr chat or Rec room and its easy to start talking to some interesting people and some weird ones as well. Ok your turn lets get the group talking.
  22. https://youtu.be/6XywEbli3V8
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