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  1. I said when it first came out that Quill could be the character that is VR like Mario for Nintendo and Sonic for Sega Great game and i hope there is a part 2
  2. Looks like we have blown our budget this month on a great giveaway.
  3. As you said Game it's got to be. Sairento because its a lot of fun, It just keeps getting better its very unique and who doesnt want to be a bad ass ninja killer
  4. We are Giving away Some HelixxVR Merch a Helixx T-shirt http://youtu.be/WxrUtyuYdOY perfect for Vr or just showing your support to your favorite VR Content Creators
  5. Superhot both very good games and a really hard choice to start this contest off with. The reason Supoerhot gets my vote is because Moss i found just a little too hard to control with the wands.
  6. Yes its a Double giveaway this week work on your fitness with these two physcial game.
  7. My Top 3 must have games for any VR gamer. 1, Rec Room. Its free, It's Social, It's always busy and there is just so much to do. 2, Onward. One of the most realistic Vr games there is. A big learning curve but once you master the controls its awesome to play. 3, Electronauts. This game just makes me smile every time I play it great way to chill in VR by making music.
  8. My First game was the Lab My first Wow moment was from The Blu when the whale comes up and looks you in the eye so amazing and slightly scary. The Last game that i tried that blew me away and still puts a smile on my face every time i play it is Electronauts its just such a feel good well made experience.
  9. You lucky people here is another giveaway for an awesome VR title
  10. Stream 8am PDT everyday except Tuesday. We usually have a lot of exclusive pre released game being played. Last week we did A Piece of the Universe, Night Knight(pre Release) In Legion. Fridays and Saturdays are Music streams in VR I will be playing Vinyl Reality, The Wave or Electronauts Fridays is voted for by our followers And Thursdays is Play With Helixx so you can pick a game to play with us live on stream. Check us out https://www.twitch.tv/helixxvr
  11. What makes you happy about owning VR?
  12. Opps i forgot to post our giveaway in here
  13. did you win? https://youtu.be/0b3fjfeEb0s
  14. Just give us a 3 digit number to enter
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