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  1. I could see that working being in the fight scenes and watching it all happen around you.
  2. wrote: Someone needs to make the 2001 'Starchild' sequence in VR... stat. Mind = blown. I'm not sure I could handle The Walking Dead. There actually IS a sort-of-VR thing - it's a 360 degree video you can watch on YouTube: ... if you're in the mood to get scared by zombies. OMG you made my day cant wait to try this tonight when i get home.
  3. Imagine that your favourite Tv show or Movie In VR you would actually be inside watching everything happening. So what one would you chose. For me i would love to be in an episode of Walking Dead, I would be stood with Rick and his group and watch them fight off the Zombies. Films i think would be amazing to be in a classic like 20,000 leagues under the Sea or 2001: A Space Odyssey. If it was a modern film them The New Ghostbusters would be pretty cool.
  4. From what i have seen reported the game have only every changed once since launch and tilt brush has been included in both bundles. So it does not change monthly and it is not known when the free games promotion will end.
  5. Great Ideas That was going to be my next question for next week what Movies or Books would you like to see VR I guess i know your answer already. :)
  6. If a games developer asked you to come up with an idea of a game for VR what would you do. Being Old Skool i would love a game like Road Rash. Your sat on a Bike and you use your head and Body to the bike from left to right as your passing a bike you can punch the other riders off the bike. So What would you do?
  7. Im Originally from the Uk but now living and working in Thailand. I also believe that i am only one of 3 people in Thailand to Own a Vive as its not offically launched here. I had mine shipped from the USA so after import tax and duties it cost a lot more than your usual Vive. I have also build my own VIVE Room a sort of Mans cave where i lock myself away into VR World. 
  8. Mine has to be Senza Peso, Or Firebird Both have made me enjoy an emotion i have never experienced before, Opera is a very moving emotional way of telling a story and both these Vr titles stand out for me as a new way to engage people into something that is so old.
  9. Its Sort of like the Question i posed in SteamVR as in Whats your Go to game and what do you use for Demos. I love Rec room playing paintball and hanging out with people the social aspect is amazing. If im Demoing the Vive i lke to show the Blu or if its a younger person the Goblins and Gnomes demo works well. If i want to scare someone to death then its The Bellows this has to be the top of the games that make you scream.
  10. Thats the Idea to work in both Worlds Im forever getting into trouble because 5 minutes turns into 2 hours because i never look at the time once im in VR World.
  11. After Reading the Rules you are not alowed to use the Vive Logo so this is the VR watch without such Logo butit still has the famous 10:08 time on it which HTC is renound for.
  12. Opps just read the rules we cant use the HTC Logo so please disregard this and vote for my non Vive Watch :P
  13. When i sign up to viveport it asks to pick a location but my country is not listed so what one do i pick? i want the one with the most apps.
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