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  1. Hello you Beautiful people. 
    Sorry i have been away from this community for what seems like forever. I got caught up with work and getting our Tick from Twitch. Yes we are now official Twitch Partners and i know some of you in here have been a part of making that happen. 
    The HelixxVR Team have been working on a new format Talk show in VR of course and will be launching the the 31st May 8pm EDT Time. So try and join us for "The Show" 
    We have Ubisoft as our first guests and some special Giveaways Including a VR unit and Keys for the recently Released Space Ops game. 
    So much more to tell you but will save that for another time. 
    Dont forget to check out Viveport Wednesday on the Channel we always have something to give you Vr owners. 

  2. Happy Valentine's Day everyone ! We're a month early saying this,
    but because we:heart:you all,
    we're giving you a chance to win yourself a HTC Vive, courtesy of Viveport.
    You have one month to enter and it'll end on Valentine's Day. Viveport are very kindly providing the HTC Vive, but we're also throwing in one of those HelixxVR t-shirts you all love so much.
    Just be warned - we do require a photo of the winner with the HelixxVR shirt and Vive! As with our previous giveaway, if you tune into our livestreams and watch Discord/Twitter, we'll give you daily passwords to give you extra chances to win.
    We're adjusting the balance a little this time, so it's much more likely that a familiar name will be winning this, but everyone has a chance! To enter, please watch the video below and then click on the link in the description below: 

  3. Well sorry you had a bad experience but i answer you questions nad you just seem to want to rant.
    what you class as a top title game other might not. I have found some real hidden gems when i have used the service. 
    I guess as people you can find fault with a lot of things but i prefer to look on the brighter side of life where these little issues are nothing really to get upset over. 

  4.  wrote:

    I see a window that shows 0/5 games, but I'm not clear on this whole model either.  Am I supposedly renting games?  Where are the good games? Viveport only has a very few games?  I can only choose the games that say subscription?  This entire service seems very poorly thought out overall.  I have already had to purchase games on Steam, why would I want to do the same here?

    Ok the 0/5 games means you have not selected any yet each time you add a game to your subscription your number will change 1/5 until you have all five for the month. 

    Are you reanting the games basically yes thats how the system works. 

    Viveport only has a few games? Are you serious it has over 500 games to pick from and some exclusives as well. plus more added all the time. 

    why would you purchase games from somewhere else? do you only use one hop when buying your clothes? or food? or anything else? have you never used other sites to buy games? you will find each site steam, viveport, oculus, greenman gaming or what ever else you use to get vr games they have different deals on, so why not shop around seems like you havent really studied what viveport can offer you. 

  5. Hey Guys 
    Myself and the rest of Helixx have been working hard promoting VR for the last 2 years. 
    We have giving away 100's of Vr games made 100's Videos and have tried get more people into Buying VR. 
    But now is the Time that Helixx asks for you to help us out, give a little love back and help us achieve a goal that will put us in a stronger postition to continue promoting VR. 
    The Bigger we get the more developers we get to work with and the better giveaways we can give you. 
    So this is our Call to Action here is our Video 
    Please Support us, Tell your friends, tell your family tell everyone that will listen. 

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