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  1. Some I like: Richies Plank is by far my favorite VR experience ever. It let me check off "Fly through a city like superman" from my bucket list. https://www.viveport.com/apps/9347a360-c6ea-4e35-aaf1-9fab4f41cb79/Richie's_Plank_Experience/ Overview blew my mind. I actually got kinda depressed afterwards from feeling so small and inconsequential, but that was well worth the education and experience I got. https://www.viveport.com/apps/03f576cd-87b1-41ca-8873-84a13372a64b/OVERVIEW:_a_Walk_Through_the_Universe/ Hopalong Badlands was way more fun than I thought it would be. https://www.viveport.com/apps/274b18e1-4c25-4aa9-b7b3-c43999830b08/Hopalong:_The_Badlands/
  2. I ain't buying a dang thing! VR Horror is just not my thing. Too scary. Will wait for the next sale.
  3. So far, I just got Xing the land beyond, Lunar Flight, and Chroma Lab for VR. I've been way too busy with work to even try them yet.. but they look cool. Will probably pick up a few more mainstream-ish games before the sales end. Eventually I'll have time to enjoy them. Also bought and gifted Apollo 11 VR and Scanner Sombre to my brother.
  4. Sounds REALLY dumb.. but if I could make one simple change.. it would be to add a filter option to separate SITTING VR games/apps and STANDING VR games/apps in Steam to separate groups easily. Now, I know some games can do both, etc.. but I find if I am tired of standing, I want to see my options, like Big Screen, VTOL VR, Balloon Chair, etc.. all my VR items that I can do while sitting and vice versa. RIght now that is a bit of a pain to set up catagories, etc... Then if I had a second wish.. let me tell Steam to hide all my non-VR Steam content on my VR pc and vice versa. Overall.. I think the Steam client needs some work to make it more user friendly.
  5. For me it was the first time I played Richie's Plank. Being able to fly above and around the city made me feel like a real super hero. Back then, it was not as pretty as it is now nor did it have as good physics and object interaction, but it was still very magical. I felt like a kid again. Runner up is the first time I played Thirst VR. I got it mainly because it was on sale at the time for 98 cents, so I figured why not. It had positve reviews so I didn't even look at any pictures or anything, just figured it was too cheap to pass up. One play through and it suddenly dawned on me, I'll be able to say one of my all time favorite VR games cost me less than a dollar. It looks just like Madmax, in VR. I still play it a lot, and because you stand still and the game mechanics are simple, it is a great intro to VR for people who come over as it doesn't induce motion sickness at all and I don't have to worry about them moving around too much. But that first moment, when screen went blank and the game started and I suddenly realized, this is Mad Max VR? Priceless.
  6. Thanks Rockjaw for the explanation and offering to assist in my renewal issue but I'll actually hold out until next month as is. You guys got a lot of better stuff and more important stuff to do I'm sure, and I'm probably going to be a lifetime subscriber anyway, lol. Just wanted to offer it as a future suggestion, and you explained why that is not needed. Anyway, this way I am really looking forward to next month now (Some of the new game additions look awesome!).
  7. Viveport subscriber from day one and I love it and think it is a wonderful idea...here is my suggestion though. Add games only on the 1st of the month. Why? Well, if you signed up on Day 1 of Viveport Subscriptions.. you most likely picked your new games yesterday. That means these games were added, the very next day. Now, I actually don't mind.. since some of the dumbest games/experiences end up surprisingly being my favorites and it is only a month till I can pick again.. but I imagine some people could get upset over that. So best to have a standard day when you add new content so no surprises to anger people, etc.. Other suggestions: Make the wording of picking next month games better. A bit confusing how you have to remove the games, confirm suggestions, then pick new games. Better cleanup and allow cleanup, of library and download list. It should be easier to hide or remove all traces of unwanted, expired, or old games. Keep up the great work..
  8. Reviews and news of anything Vive.. be it games, hardware, vr cafe, etc.. maybe some AMA type stuff about hardware and software. Heck, I learned the Vive Pucks have batteries inside them through this forum (Thank you!). Maybe some preview stuff or just insight into HTC's vision of Vive's future. Giveaways! Having been given an Arcade Saga code recently.. I love Giveaways! And just general Vive stuff.. like play area issue discussions (What games or game types are best for small play areas, large play areas, etc...). A whole forum on how to and best way to, watch movies in VR, could be done., lol! Basically anything that allows people to chime in is good..
  9. Thank you Rockjaw and thank you 2 Bear Studios! This is going to be awesome fun and the perfect game to showcase the Vive to people. Thank you again!
  10. Yeah I got Google's Pixel XL, partly because it is made by HTC, but mainly for the free online storage of photos and vids. (Daydream is a nice plus.. but nothing compared to the Vive). It's been a wonderful phone for me. From a leak I saw today, I guess HTC is planning on releasing their own VIVE branded phone soon that will be Daydream compatible. Sounds very cool.. but to be honest.. it also sounds kinda confusing. Hopefully they market it correctly and it works. So many buzz words, DAYDREAM, VIVE, etc.. it can overwhelm consumers if not done correctly. RIght now HTC seems to be in an awesome spot.. supporting Google on the phone side (Pixel) and supporting Valve/Steam on the PC side (Vive).
  11. That is beyond super awesome! Thanks for posting it.. I hadn't heard about it.
  12. I love the new announcements. To me, it seemed HTC was well aware of what it needed to do to keep itself in the front of PC VR scene and did execute it flawlessly. Coming out with the well designed tracker instead of specific controllers, etc.. was pure genius. And the upgraded head strap with built in speakers, provided an answer to those suggesting another headset with those options beat the Vive as well as fixed the Vive's most critical flaw, it's poorly designed head strap. Overall, very well done. The head honchos over at HTC should be proud.
  13. Budget Cuts for me.. anything Valve takes under it's wings should be epic. Plus, I do think Valve has some new game in the works.. that.
  14. LOL, that screenshot is a little foggy, so I thought you spent $3,000.00 on games and I'm thinking, " Geez! That must be every VR game ever made!".. then I noticed The Nest was $109.50.. lol and realized whatever it was, it wasn't American dollars. Anyway, I picked up Brookhaven Experiment, New Retro Arcade Neon, and Starfighter Nightstar (even though it wasn't on sale). Sadly, I am on call for a hospital through this holiday week so I can't even try any of them out yet.. I've been thinking about picking up Climbey too.. but can't get myself to pull the trigger yet.
  15. Merry Christmas Se7en11.. Thanks again for doing this and congrats to the winners. Tilt Brush is awesome and I am sure you'll enjoy it.
  16. I would add a QIX clone to the mix. Basically you are waist level inside a floating square with sparks foating around inside it. You use your controller to draw out and claim areas, etc .. the main difference between the original QIX and this is you look down on the playfield and actually move inside it using your controller. You would use the thumb pad to move around. Darn it.. now I really want to play this. :(
  17. First of all, Very cool of you to do this. Here is my entry. The game, NewRetroArcade: Neon. The reason why: Because I've setup and played in the demo a ton of times but I am a bit worried about setting up the full version.. so I haven't the nerve myself to buy it. Growing up inside arcades, I love just being in the VR arcade and I've watched tons of youtube videos of people's NewRetroArcade: Neon setups and gameplay.. but since you lose access to the demo the minute you buy the full version.. and have to set it all up again.. it has me always second guessing buying it. Bonus, runner up: (I know, you didn't ask, but just to make this more interesting) Game: NIGHTSTAR The reason why: This game I will be buying myself soon. I've fallen in love with the demo but have not bought it yet only because it seems very close to one of the Labs mini-games and just seems to lack replayability. This despite the fact I've replayed it a ton already and it is just the demo (hence, I realize I am wrong, and why I will actually be buying it soon). Anyway.. Merry Christmas one and all! If your searching for a game to choose.. if you haven't picked up Richie's Plank Experience.. I'd recommend choosing that one. It has been one of my favorite VR experiences to date.
  18. I would write a game where it starts with you simply going to a REDBOX kiosk to rent a movie.. but you and it get zapped by lightning. Then you spend the game recreating, doing, etc.. famous scenes from movies as your zapped from scene to scene. For example; Being in a hole being forced to put lotion on your skin. Having birds chase you as you rush into a house.. then as they break the windows, you race to the attic. Follow candy into a shed where you meet E.T. Swing from the trees as Tarzan etc, etc, etc... Depending on licensing, you could do any scenes... Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc... Only after going through the full rack of movies are you shocked back to life by an EMT.. unsure if it was real or all fantasy.
  19. Since people usually ask, I usually tell them what my gaming PC costs, then just what the cost of the Vive is itself is. Then I explain how that is comparable to just one vacation to the shore, or one week in Vegas. For that I get this all year round, anytime I want, in my living room. Then I demo The Blu - Walk around underwater and see sealife. Final Approach - This is very much a mobile game, remade for VR. So it is pretty simple to understand by everyone. The Lab - I let them pick something here based on what is more keen to them. A lot of times, I have them do more then one activity depending on how they seem to understand wall borders. Then I finish up with scaring the crap out of them.. because horror in VR is true horror. This depends on how cruel I feel at the moment, Brookhaven Experiment demo, The Bellows demo, Six Feet Under, The Visitor, etc... If someone asks to see more of a REAL AAA game made for Vive, I show them Vanishing Realms, Pool Nation, Project Cars, War Thunder and Elite Dangerous. But I tend not to show those off, since it is a bit of a pain to get into some of them and it takes awhile for someone to "get it". And when they do, they don't want to leave it. So the shorter is better approach works best for me most of the time.
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