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  1. Is there a reason Viveport game updates are so far behind steam. Games in early access like Phasmophobia have constant updates, in fact the game has been updated 4-5 times in the space of a week for minor bug fixes. The problem is that usually the updates come out a couple of hours after the steam version meaning when you load up the Viveport version there are only around 10-20 people online and I can't join people who play on steam with a different version number until it gets pushed on here. Steam updated to version on 9/9/21 and now on 11/9/21 Viveport is still on version, with hardly any players to play against. For an online PvE game this makes the game pretty unplayable every few days (and completely for the last few days). Is this going to be looked at, since this was a big release as a permanently owned game for signing up to Viveport, but I wish I'd just paid to get the game on steam!
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