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  1. Hello there, I've had a vive headset for a couple years now, about a year ago I decided to get the vive wireless because the wires were getting in my way. when I got it I set it up and started playing it almost immediately, and it was working for a while but about 4 to 5 months ago it stopped working. It would say "Headset not detected" or "HMD not found" and things like that. Just recently I've been trying to fix it again and I kind of figured out how to do it, but a couple hours after I "fixed" it it stopped working again. I would be in the middle of playing a game and the screen would go black and I would go to look at the monitor and it would say the same thing again "Headset not detected". So I started to research and couldn't find anyone else with this problem. So I decided to get on the Viveport Community page to see if anyone on here could help. If you know of any way to fix this problem please let me know.
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