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  1. Thanks all - Can confirm this is now working :)
  2. Hi All, Brand new to the platform, i've signed upto infinity and downloaded the desktop app. After signing in and downloading the required steam update for Oculus (I'm on a quest 2 with AirLink) It lands me on the Library page. I've picked a few games from the game store which asks me if I want to save them to my library, I click yes but they do not appear in the library to download. Logging into Viveport via the browser I can see the games in my library there but it of course directs me to the desktop app to download them. I've rebooted, re-installed and added the local proxy to the config file as per one of the Vive KA's to no avail. I'm definately using the same account as I added the games via the desktop app and they appear in the browser, the "Refresh Library" option does not pull them to the app. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks in Advance
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