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  1. I have two PCs. A 2013 model i7 GTX 2080 Ti that runs the HTC Vive in both wired and wireless modes perfectly fine. My new Ryzen 9 3900x (I'll never go AMD again) RTX 3080 Super OC runs the HTC Vive in wired mode just fine but in wireless it constantly crashes. I reported this issue last year and the only fix for me at the time was to move the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite from the new system to the old system. Where it's been operating like a dream ever since. I read a report last week that said there was a hot fix made for the problem and that it should be right as rain now. I moved the Vive to the new system, set it up just fine a few weeks back but trying to play a game is impossible. I launched everything from the PC to play BoxVR this morning, gently picking up the headset I could see the game was there but within a second, it crashed, just like last year. Headset not detected. This is madness, what the hell does any of this have to do with AMD v Intel? Is there a magical hotfix that I need to manually apply that addresses this? If so, please point me in the right direction. My alternative is to return the wireless controller and the 3 battery packs as they are not fit for purpose. Leaving me to run the Vive as a wired unit. Out of interest, looking through the SteamVR report I see the word "Oculus" mentioned many times...can anyone shed light on why that would be? DxDiag17042021.txt SteamVR-2021-04-17-PM_01_31_12.txt
  2. has this been resolved as yet?
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