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  1. I guess there is no way to access the menu items. The only way I found to go back is to go into the save data which is different for each game. It is not in the Viveport/game folder. The game is there but save data is different for each game. In the case of Moss it is in the c:/users/NAME/appdata/local/MossGame folder.
  2. Hello, How do you restart a game on Viveport with the Oculus Quest or Quest 2 (have both)? Specifically I started playing Moss and I think that my 7 year old son would like to play it so I would like to start from the beginning. With the stand alone version that I could download to the headset you would press the options button on the left stick and that would allow you to chose a chapter and save. On the Viveport version when I click the options button it just centers the screen. Thank you, Mike
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