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  1. FORM- is a absolute masterpiece of visual design and demonstrates a deep understanding of VRs key strengths. Few titles- have inspired as much AWE. The new musical-orchestration scenes are some of the most stunning examples of extremely competent visual communication and art direction I have ever seen in ANY game. There is SERIOUS talent here - somebody throw a **bleep** ton of capital at this studio and let them LOOSE!!! VR GENIUS!!
  2. Best of luck with this important moment in VIVES history- VIVEs moment in the global pop culture spotlight. The company has done a wonderful job and a enormous amount of effort and preparation. I hope it all goes extremely well and exceeds all expectations. The new textures, shells, stones and other details added to the Driftwood environment did not go unnoticed- and I am positive Ready Player One fans will be thrilled to see that giant robot creature- in the flesh- or is that in the metal ? My suggestions- continue to iterate. With the immminent release of VIVE Pro HMD upgrade users are going to want richer, more complex and more high resolution textures almost immediately. These environments are an excellent place to demonstrate this- perhaps options will appear for ‘Vive pro - Driftwood experience’- likewise developers - get on it - and start enriching those environments and games. Lastly, I would just like to congratulate Vive and Viveport for the phenomenal pace and adaption to the market- while maintaining consistency of quality and expectations. We are all very much hanging on the end of out seats awaiting announcement- and the prompt release of Vive Pro upgrade for us- the early adopters and core user base who have invested, supported and cheered Vive on from day one. Do not stop innovating- the hardware is there- now we need refreshing of titles, second generation textural details and nauces. Enchance sound effect and soundtracks. I am very encouraged by the museum like exhibitions and other titles that provide meaningful and rich experiences - with even higher fidelity - it’s time for more dynamic interaction, more dynamic environments and high quality experiences. Lastly - Bring on the VIVE PRO HMD upgrade - we are suffocating here .
  3. My suggestion for developers is this - Reconsider all that has come before. VR is s new paradigm and requires a deep reflection on what constitutes an 'experience' or a 'game'. Return to the fundemental theories of gaming... For example - What does it currently mean to INTERACT ? Interactvity within VR must depart entirely from deskstop modes of thinking. Rather then pressing a button, pulling a lever or patting a dog - which results in a singular action. VR demands interactive experiences which are far richer and vastly more complex. For example - an entire game can be created around the singular theme of deep interaction. A creature or environment with deep, detailed and expansive levels of interactivity with deep and varied responses and emotions. I have seen seen so many examples of missed opportunity for interaction in current titles. Secondly, Many deveopers are creating titles that are uninspired and outright mediocre. If you are not investing as much energy into conceptualising a game and lending VR the type of inspired content a new platform deserves you are doing a disservice to everyone involved. Stop hiding nonsense behind the novel mechanics of the new technology. Apart from a small group of outstanding titles - there is no escaping developers are stuck in a rut of decades of entrenched ways of thinking and doing - which is glaringly evident. Doom on VR- is mediocrity Fallout VR is mediocrity Dragging the same old same old - over to a virgin platform - from major developers and they really have no excuse. Porting titles as their foray into VR. From companies who carry great weight. The developers wise enough to take RISKS in a risk adverse world and who create from a place of inspiration have the power to elevate VR content well above what is currently out there. The key is breaking out of this carry over mindset. Content is all there is! VR is defined by its content. I think much of the world is ready for vastly more meaningful digital experiences. A return to the time of possibilities. If it is not immediatly doable - at least there should be signs of growing interative- innovation - that points to a slowbirthing of a new vocabulary for the medium. I personally would prefer to take a walk then stick a device on my head - where cheap depictions of war, violence, horror and gore - are all that's being offered. Infact, I cannot think of anything less life affirming and emotionally destitute. On the contrary, experiences like Firebird, The Blu and Gnomes & Goblins veer closer to the kind of enriching content VR can provide. VRs objective is to provide novel experiences and new impressions that exceed real life. Like walking through carefully crafted set pieces, being guided upon a deep cinematic experience filled with rich meaning, surprise, presence, art, beauty, space, form, story, laughter, aesethics meta physical dimension, emotional engagement, rich narrative, relaxation, exploration, discovery - experiences that warrent staying in virtual reality. VR is a lifestyle - start respecting content consumers. Everytime I think of the current batch of releases I cringe. Some developers appear to have no comprehension of visual communication, aesthetics, design harmony, role of colour theory, pattern, symbolism or visual metaphor. I want experiences which enhance not cheapen the technology. I want to be able to place my headset on- spend a evening inside with a bottle of wine with an experience that warrants my time. Not assaults on my brain with childishness, war, gore and what is artistically and creativly void banality. Developers : Stop being cheap. Develop from inspiration. Think new,
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