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  1. @VibrantNebula - thanks very much! I'll look into these options and see if I am able to make it work properly with the Oculus controllers. I'll try the link cable first.
  2. Yes, the movement controllers are inverted and yes I use Virtual Desktop, but that just projects whatever is on my computer to my headset. I would have the same issue if the headset were connected via the Oculus Link cable. I'm not sure about Steam being open. I'm not that familiar with how VivePort works, doesn't it basically run games through SteamVR? If so, then I think SteamVR is open. I haven't tried to play TWD in a while because of this issue. I've played several other games through VivePort without any controller issues (The Room, Moss, Obduction)
  3. Oh! Thank you for replying. The main issue I'm having is that my directional controls seem to be mixed up, and I don't see a way to say "mirror joystick direction" or something like that. At first I was stuck on the start menu, but I messed around with the controller mapping until I was able to get beyond that, but it just seems really awkward and honestly unplayable the way it is right now. That map looks helpful though.
  4. I'm having this issue with The Walking Dead. The controllers work... sort of... but they don't make a lot of sense. I need a mapping guide or something.
  5. Hey - I'm thinking about snagging this Annual Infinity Membership deal, but I'm not sure how it works with the games being removed from the library and new games added. Like, if I'm in the middle of playing a game and it cycles out of the Viveport library, do I just get cut off from the game and tough luck?
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