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  1. Yea, i just kept messing with the controller settings in the menu and eventually it worked. But then the next time i started it up the same thing happend and i didnt know how to fix it, so i messed around again and got it. And yea, my right joy stick wont turn it, and the left controls are inverted for some reason but i can play the game at least. I do have a link cable so i could try it that way i guess, just so much nicer playing it completely wirelessly. thanks for the help though!
  2. I have an oculus quest connected to my pc via virtual desktop and can play every viveport game i've downloaded. However i just downloaded walking dead saints and sinners and i can't get past the title screen. It pops up a message saying to reset the HMD using the left and right vive menu buttons. I'm on an oculus so i dont have those buttons. I've tried every combination of oculus buttons i can, looked in all the menus and can't get it to do anything. Love to play the game, but can't get it past that pop up menu. Any suggestions or ideas? IT says it works with oculus rift so i'd think t
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