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  1. I figured it out, apparently one tracker or dongle was defective, so I exchanged it with a new one. Now, all my 7 Vive trackers are working while being connected to one hub usb 3. Next phase: attaching them to a 3d mesh.
  2. Hi, I have been setting up my Vive Index with 5 trackers for body mocap. Only 4 trackers are detected in the SteamVR, I am having issues to connect the fifth one. I have all dongles connected to a usb 3 hub with 7 ports. I have connected the one that doesn't work directly to the PC so it has its own usb port, but no difference. Only when I plug the 5th one to the usb cable, the tracker is recognized with a solid green light. Anyone has a suggestion ? That would be greatly appreciated.
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