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  1. I just moved to a new place and got my setup mounted on the walls again. Been playing a few things and recently had an issue where one of my base stations will suddenly lose sync with the system. My view in the headseat will start to flicker, then go completely grey. The base station will show a purple light, then reboot and re-sync again. Seems to happen every 15-20 minutes, and works fine inbetween loss of sync. Unplugging and replugging the base station when it loses sync seems to have the same fix, it boots back up and reconnects, and works for a while. I have an OG HTC Vive, 1.0 base stations. All firmware is up to date. There are no mirrors in the room (they are covered), but there ARE metal blinds; curious if that can cause problems?
  2. We invite you to take part in a survey that investigates people's use of virtual reality games. The survey is carried out by researchers affiliated with the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and Tilburg University (Netherlands). The survey is meant for all people who have played virtual reality games. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the survey, and answering is completely anonymous. By answering, you will support important research on virtual reality gaming.
  3. I know you guys tried (and try) to protect newcomers like myself. I got pulled in by the free "Gewgle" Tilt Brush and by the phone notifications feature. Well, enough said that I never actually got to testing either because it's unthinkable for me to have no way of disabling auto-start of an app, having two Firefox tab auto-opened (for "viveport" purposes) and a non-closable window telling me to log into Vive just 2 days after I installed the software and logged in everywhere already. All of that just because I, a humble user, dared to plug my Vive into my PC. I will trust you further on, sorry I doubted you! Vive and SteamVR are awesome, I'll try to find another VR phone notification app and, well, I guess I'll just not try the Tilt Brush I got for free... oh well
  4. I recently got a vive. I'm loving it. Every time i start steam VR, the vive software starts up as well. I absolutely do not use it at all. All my games are on steam. So I simply close the vive application. What exactly is viveport and the vive application? Why would valve try to confuse its users by having 2 different applications for VR games? Is it safe to remove the vive application without breaking my ability to play VR games on my headset? If I can remove them, is there anything beside the vive application I should remove as well?
  5. Hello. I recently purchased a Vive Cosmos and it said there was free 6 months of Infinity membership included, yet I haven't received it and can't find any information on how to get it. I started the 14 day trial but would really want the 6 months that I should have received with the purchase of the Headset.
  6. i just bought a rtx3080 a week ago, plugged it in played VR and it was amazing, i then decided to reformat my pc. I played LEAGUE/POE for maybe a week and then decided its time to go back to VR and have some fun. Every time i plug in my HTC VIVE i get a "windows has detected a malfunctioned USB" and get the vive 108 error which cannot detect a VR headset. (*red light is on my headset on the side constantly) I have spent at least 8 hours trouble shooting. Reinstalling / uninstalling drivers, updating bios/drivers/usb. Unplugging/re-plugging the 3 in 1, connecting it directly to my PC but keeping the power into the link box. I have ordered a new 3 in 1 cable and tried that, same issue. I have tried every usb slot. I have tried restarting 400 times while doing most of these attempts. I have played with settings i cannot even remember.
  7. About 2 years ago I have decided to try and do some gaming with my SO as a passtime besides watching tv. I equipped us with an Nvidia Shield as well as 2 xbox controllers and started an adventure across mostly co-op games that are available on steam or via android store. I am not going to sort this list in any order, this list contains games we enjoyed heavily and I would recommend for anyone wishing to snuggle up on a couch to play together.https://9apps.ooo/
  8. I'm looking to hook two to three computers to sync an offline co-op multiplayer training program... there's instances of three vives working with their respective computers using the same lighthouses, so the only issue left is having the PCs talk to each other without internet capability (tower-stored game on all three) so that each user can work interactively and in tandem. Has anyone ever tries this before - and are there any potential solutions? Basically the three PCs would work as a server, of sorts, to play the game for all three members in a co-op (same game) environment.
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