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  1. I have a years subscription to Viveport Infinity. I have a library of 25 or so apps and games, mostly Infinity titles but some were purchased. I run SteamVR but I can't run the Viveport software. Well I could but it presents problems. I won't list them all, sufice it to say, the Viveport software causes my Vive hardware to run very poorly. Constant loss of tracking, etc. etc., with Viveport installed the hardware is unusable. When I remove Viveport and just have SteamVR running, the hardware performs perfectly. There are additional issues with the Viveport software. It stays resident in memory even when I am not using VR. Even when not using VR, the Viveport software uses the cpu and other subsystems causing an unacceptable performance problem. I am not inclined to manually kill its processes (driver included, whats that thing supposed to do anyway?) I almost ran the diagnostic you guys provide when trying to figure this out, but then I read your terms of service and privacy policy. I don't know why this would be the case, given HTC is the creator of the Vive, but the Viveport software is a deal breaker, in that as I mentioned it makes the hardware unuseable and causes performance problems on my otherwise really powerful workstation. If the HTC viveport techs read this; please don't take offense as I think the Vive is fantastic and you did a great job engineering it. Its just that I have to pass on the software. Which brings me to my question, I would like to download and access the apps and games available on the HTC store (also called Viveport, nice). I should be able to browse the store using a web browser and download and install the titles that way, thereby avoiding the software (see the above mentioned reasons). But it seems you guys are really intent on making users install that software to get access to their libraries. Nah, why would you care about that, its just a launcher so not important like the titles I paid to access with my subscription. So I must have missed something. Please tell me how I can access the Viveport store and my library of apps and games yet not install the Viveport software (the Viveport desktop I guess, is what I'm tallking about when I refer to the software). Anyhow. I appreciate you guys for making such awesome hardware. Might want to rethink the software side of things though. I know its possible to provide an non-intrusive launcher which does not cause all sorts of thorny performance and agency problems. Until that is ready, I'll be ok with accessing your interesting selection of VR software (which I should have access to, .... without having to install something unecessary which causes all sorts of bad things to be the case). I hope a solution exists and would appreicate it very much. Sorry I had to get a little real with you guys but hey, facts be facts, just being honest and direct. Like I said, I'm a big fan of the Vive .... hardware. cheers Kenneth (Technical Director - Studio Magic Fox).
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