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  1. I submitted a cancellation request a month in advance. The web form to cancel was submitted even if you have decided not to cancel the subscription I'm confident that request hit your servers. I can debug the API if you would really like? considering no one else can be bothered.
  2. It's utterly disgraceful no decorum, no regard for the consumer. I can only imagine the millions they have stolen out of peoples pockets.
  3. Every attempt to contact support and discuss the issue was ignored, I submitted a cancellation request form before being charged but for some reason the subscription was not cancelled. What's worse yet is I'm even using the service, it was in my opinion not worth it. It took 3 cancellation request forms all filled in and submitted before the subscription was actually cancelled. I know amazon got into a bit of trouble a few years back for taking a similar stance with their prime service and ended up paying millions in fines. I would not be surprised if the same happened here. I would say refusi
  4. Why is the support not responding to tickets. I just want a refund.
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