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  1. So when I open Viveport via the icon on my PC and use it sitting in front of my monitor, it shows I have 15 Infinity games in my library. If I open Viveport from within VR however, I still show as being logged in and with the same name and avatar as on the Viveport desktop app only now my library is empty and I have no access to any of the games that are installed on my PC. How do I resolve this? I can always open up the desktop app, start the game from there and then put my VR headset on but I would rather just start up VR and do it all from within the VR world. Anyone?
  2. I am getting really frustrated with Viveport now. I bought an HTC Vive Cosmos for my PC. It came with 6 months free membership to Viveport. So I went on and started looking for games. Half the games that I want to play ask for ID verification. I get three options come up. I can provide details of a new ID card, and old ID card or my passport number. I live in Germany but I am not German so I do not have either a new or an old format ID card. Because of this I want to provide my passport number. The problem is that I clicked on Passport and I get what you see below. It is asking for 3 sections of my passport. What 3 sections? A passport number is one 9 digit number. So anyway, I have been unable to access most of the best games as they require ID access so I contacted support. I started with a Live chat with one of the support people and they could not tell me how to provide ID. They told me that they would raise a support ticket for me. Two days later and the answer comes back from support and it becomes obvious that they did not even read the contents of the ticket but instead they referred be back to the live chat service. I contacted them again, this time really annoyed and I get told that they cannot help me and they suggested I submit a ticket. I was annoyed. No I am downright angry!! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ACCESS TO THE GAMES IF YOU WON'T LET ME PROVIDE ID!! This is crazy!!
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