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  1. Hi,


    I have an occulus quest, with Virtual Desktop (VD). I'm running Windows 10 pro, with a Nvidia 1070, 8GB RAM. I'm successfully running Steam VR games through VD with no problems.

    Seeing your offer for Viveport, I thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunately, I've tried four games now and feel like giving up 🙂

    Westworld - I get the initial menus and when I try and start a game, it just hangs on the loading logo.

    Ultrawings - I get the loading logo, music starts then nothing

    Rush - It loads and I'm in the aircraft, but my hands are stuck to the floor. I tried to change the bindings, but can't attach the skeleon binding to either hand

    Richie's Plank - It runs, but it's choppy at best, even with low graphics settings.

    Is there something I'm missing before I sign up for 12 months?


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