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  1. Cool, thanks, I’ll check it out. The funny thing though is that when I use my rift s it recognises it as a rift s and when I tried the games they have the touch controllers. But when I switch to quest it thinks it’s a vive. Also, I just remembered that when I setup viveport I used the rift s not the quest. Don’t know it that matters in any way.
  2. Ah, ok. I did something similar: I’ve been using my rift s on steam and had also previously used quest with link. For some reason I don’t have the vive button on Steam home though. How exactly do you get that?
  3. So far only Summer funland and Pierhead arcade. Both had the same issue though.
  4. Hey, I’m having exactly the same problem. The only difference for me is that I’m using Virtual Desktop. Have you found a sulotion yet?
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