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  1. I'm not sure. It appeared after I went back and clicked on Rift in the 'set up HMD' bit - I hit skip when it wanted to reinstall steam. *edit* - I can't remember, but it's possible I accessed the desktop from Steam and clicked on 'viveport VR' in the desktop app.
  2. Update: I downloaded Angry Birds from the desktop app. Got the 'HMD not supported' error, but when I ran it, it worked and gave me Oculus Touch controllers. I tried pixel ripped (installed previously) and it still had the wrong controllers. Maybe I have to uninstall and reinstall it.
  3. I never set up the headset (as I was already using steam with the Quest), I tried running the viveport setup with the headset as a Rift, then hit skip when it wanted to reinstall steam. After that I got the Vive button in Steam Home and was able to go to Viveport. It seemed there it recognised that I had a 'rift' (Showed the correct controllers and suggested Rift games). I still get a warning message in the desktop app when I download Rift compatible games, that 'this game is not compatible with your HMD' I haven't tried my games yet. Not sure if I will need to reinstall them. Hopefully it will work now - I'll keep you posted.
  4. I'm using an Oculus Quest to access Viveport Infinity through ALVR. It works great. Only problem is that Viveport seems to think I have a Vive HMD and it assumes the wrong controllers and mappings. Is there any way I can tell it I am using Oculus controllers?
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