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  1. Just an FYI I'm using a Valve Index and using the Viveport.exe. The Vive Overlay nor the Viveport Dashboard installed. I had to go to the VIVE\Updater\App\Dashboard and run the .exe from there. It launched Steam with it. After I closed out Steam.exe and reopened it. The Vive Dashboard finally showed up as an option under startup.
  2. Yes, I've looked there. Unfortunately the Vive Dashboard does not show up in the Startup/Shutdown menu. It also does not show up in that Overlay viewer
  3. When I launch SteamVR I do not see the Viveport overlay on the SteamVR dashboard. When I look in the startup applications tab. I don't see Viveport there to be activated either. I have Viveport installed and logged in with my Steam account, but I do not see any of the games in my SteamVR library nor the overlay itself. I can launch the Viveport VR software and it will bring up SteamVR automatically, but I still don't see an overlay to activate in SteamVR itself. I see in the install folders that there's a folder called compainian and an executable called MagnetOverlay.exe. When I launch it, it shows up in SteamVR dashboard like it was supposed to be the Viveport Overlay, but it gives me an error that states this
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