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  1. Hello. Maybe this sounds like a noob question, but as a new owner of htc vive I just tried some of the 360 videos from Vive Video, and the quality is really really bad, even at 4K resolution. I mean, I know that htc vive pro has quite a good oled screen but man... when I play a 360 video is like paying a 320p quality on my monitor. Is so bad that I tought the internet speed was low and the quality somehow adjusted to super low resolution, but actually I saw that all 360 videos are just...that bad. Is there any good 360 videos to enjoy them? Maybe made with latest tech like insta 360 8K or something... thanks guys.
  2. Hi. Is a htc vive pro eye. I am here as in the screenshot, just that the beam for teleport wasnt captured, dont know why...
  3. Hello. I installed viveport and I can use my controlls to navigate the content, but I am stationary in the upper platform. There is a way to walk around the location? the teleport function doesnt work. I see the blue arrow but the ray getting trough the bridge without a place to teleport. thanks
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