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  1. Hi @SuperNikoPower, I have Viveport Infinity subscription.
  2. Hi, I started using Viveport on Oculus Rift S with an older EVGA GTX Titan card and it ran Superhot just fine. I upgraded the card to an EVGA 2060 Super and now Superhot won't start. It goes to the Vive scene and says Next Up, then it goes to that endless gray grid scene and shows a Superhot window that says loading. After a little while it makes the sounds like the game is loaded, but the view stays stuck on the gray grid screen with the loading window. A couple other Viveport games do this: Form and Ultrawings. Superhot was installed before I upgraded the card, these two were installed after. Other Viveport games run fine, including those that were installed before card upgrade and after. All games on Steam run fine, and all games within Oculus run fine. Any idea what I could try to troubleshoot this?
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