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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply! 😊 I have tried this and it didn't work for any of my games. As you can see in the attached screen shots I tried to move all my folders to the new computer that were under the "Viveport" directory. I left the directory structure the same as well, using the "ViveApps" directory and placing all the game directories in the "ViveApps" directory. You can see in the screen shot that the ViveApps directory contains folders for each game and those folder names are unique identifiers, and as you can see inside the second screen shot, it is showing the contents of one of those game folders where their are long numbers as the name of the folders and it seems like each of these folders are download instances of my game. The folder with 1/1/2020 timestamp was the one copied over to my new computer, then viveport would not recognize that game and it re-downloaded the game to my PC and it recognized that unique identifier folder under ViveApps and it put a entire new folder inside of that one right next to the folder that contained the copied files. Viveport will only play the newly downloaded games, even if I try to copy the new folder name and rename the old folder with the new folders name, but still I get nothing. Viveport does not contain any of my save data. I even searched my PC and found game related files in the "Users>AppData" folders and under the "My Documents" and copied all those over to the exact same places on my new computer and still I did not have any of my save data.
  2. I am in the need to move my games to a new PC, and I do not want to lose my game progress in some of my games. Is there anything I can do to get my game data from my old PC to my new PC so I do not lose all the progress I have from when I played the games on my old PC? I currently have viveport and VR working great on my new PC, but when I download the same titles that are on my old PC, then on my new PC it just like starting a brand new games, and I have lost all of the progress I made before.
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