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  1. Ok, Thank you so much for your time. Have an amazing day! Also I have no clue why the quote box is there
  2. So basically you can't just give a headset for a visual aid, for a speech I am working on? That is understandable, and I thank you for commenting and letting me now, if that isnt the case and Im just dumb and you need more information or something you can email me at*********(if this is what you meant, sorry im a little sick right now and am not thinking well), but thank you so much for your time either way!
  3. I'm sorry, what does that mean exactly, I'm not trying to be pushy or anything I swear, just a little confused, I can understand if that is basically a way of saying no. I'm aware that headsets are expensive, and you have no way of trusting me.
  4. If I was writing a speech over Virtual Reality, do you think VIVE would be so kind as to donate a headset to use as a visual aid? This is all for my speech and debate class, and Im going to a tournament in a few weeks. I need a visual aid to go along with my speech, and I think a headset would work really well.
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