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  1. Yes I still am, thanks for the reply. After numerous reinstalls nothing has changed. I was able to find some documentation of the error in the Viveport SDK, to which it just said License Verification Check Failed for error 90001. Is there a way to resolve this?
  2. I just made a new account on the same PC without infinity, and I get the same error. Please help.
  3. I have attached an image of the error. This happens with not only games, but also the Viveport VR application. My subscription time is running out and I cannot use it. This error has no documentation available. No one else has this issue. The troubleshooting page it literal sh*t. Please tell me how to fix this. I've reinstalled Steam with all games, Vive software and Viveport. NOTHING WORKS. Please, please help me out. This is unacceptable.
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