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    dowlnoad failed

    Hi, It took all night, but I got it sorted. I not only had to uninstall all the vivepirt software, but manually deleted all remnants of "htc" & "vive" from the .TMP folder. Once this was done it would download and update viveport with the latest software..
  2. yobrevar

    dowlnoad failed

    Hi, I have now lost 6 hours with this very same error. I Had a blue screen for an unrelated error, while the headset wasn't even connected. Which forced the system to restore to a previous day. On rebooting the headset was no longer detected by SteamVR. I tried repairing the viveport install to no avail. Tried uninstalling everything to do with htc & vive to no avail. Did a registry clean of any htc crud to no avail. I can't even download and install the viveport app, because it fails with the " Download Failed, Please check the network connection and try again". Obviously there is no dam network problems cause i can post here with my frustrations. $1200 and i haven't been able to properly use my headset yet. I've rebooted many times, tried various usb 3.1 & 3.0 ports and fully deleted anything to do with Vive from the system. I can't get past the Download Failed prompt at the beginning of the install process. As you can see from the attached file, there are NO Tracking drivers installed. How can i source them if the download fails from your servers. How can I do a full reinstall from scratch with all the initial connection prompts again?? Please help.. SteamVR-2019-12-27-PM_11_47_31.txt
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