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  1. Brilliant thank you Niko. Just do not want to reinstall viveport if I am going to suffer the same issue but as I think I said above I don't have much time to decide if I need to cancel the membership which would be a pain as it was the 45% off black friday deal. But thats no good if I lose my other games.
  2. After a fresh install of Steam/Steam VR and ReVive version 1.9.1 I have my Oculus games back BUT if I reinstall viveport infinity will I loose them again??????? Im 7 days into my 14 day free trial with a 12 month subscription pending IF this is going to hide my purchased Oculus Games I may have no choice but to cancel my membership/subscription could someone from Vive answer this please as time is of the essence!
  3. I need some help ever since the overlay was added to steam vr for viveport I have lost all my Oculus games in the recent games library on Steam VR is there a way to delete the overlay to see if my Oculus games return?? As I paid quite a bit for my Oculus Games like Asgard's Wrath, Lone Echo and Stormland and now cannot play them through my Oculus Quest using virtual desktop ?! The only thing that has changed is the vive overlay was added saturday. I have oculus games Saturday Morning but they were gone Saturday evening and I did nothing. SOmeone please help or point me in the right direction where I can get help.
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