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  1. Thanks for the info. I did some searching and just can't find anything on those index controllers for the Vive VR. I'm probably just blind and or having no luck but I'll keep searching. Thanks again.
  2. I didn't know where else to ask but why is there no support for the older models of the HTC Vive VR to use the HTC Vive Cosmo controllers? The older model controllers are just horrible for me and I can barely feel them unlike a thumb stick (Xbox Controller) where I can feel it more. I was hit by a car during a crosswalk and have nerve damage in my left hand but mostly my thumb and index finger so it's hard for me to use these. Is there any thing in the near future where this will change? I can't afford to buy the new HTC Cosmos just for the controllers. I was gifted the HTC Vive VR about a yea
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