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  1. Hi everyone :), this is my first topic ! I work on a business model for my marketing school, and I thought about a VR Park. But I don't really succed to find informations about the law and rules on the exploitation of VivePort, and the game on the subscription. Would it be possible to use some accounts of Vive Infinity in a VR Park ? Like making people pay to use some games in some machines ? Is it possible ? Legal ? Doable ? What would be the risks of it ? If not, do we have to pay anything ? How much to who ? And if know, do you know how we can use VR Games in a VR Park ? We have to buy some licences to the creators ? Buy the games themself ? Create the game themself ? Sorry, this is a lot of questions, but I really don't know how to find answers to them ! Thank you really much for your time 🙂 Franck
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