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  1. Well I guess this game bundle is incentive to get new users onboard so kind of understandable. However what I fail to understand who is setting price in euros if the guy knows math? Promo page says 8$/month which is 96$ but this somehow translates to 108euro ?? Euro is around 1,22$ so euro price should be ~78 , how the heck you can come up with +30eur (108) ? I guess someone multiplied dollar price instead of dividing it...seems like outright scam to EU customers rather than conversion mistake.
  2. Hello, I have one (perhaps stupid) question. As the infinity always starts with trial (where you are charged after trial) and this offers ends Dec 1 , how is this handled with payment? I mean if I activate trial these days , offer ends Dec 1, my trial ends, say, Dec 6 when my account should be charged, will it be this 60$ charge or it will be regular 120 (or whatever was regular price) ? Will system know account is valid for special charge even after Dec 1? Or it works only in case that full annual charge happens before Dec 1? (so accounts activated until Nov 15) TLDR: If trial activated on Nov 30 still gets special low 60$ yearly charge after trial finish (on Dec 13) after promo end date Dec 1 Thanks!
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