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  1. Got it sorted out. I deleted all of Viveport's files in Users -> username -> AppData -> Local -> HTC. Then uninstalled and re-installed the app and that did the trick.
  2. Thanks, I already started a ticket on my own yesterday as well though. I've been refreshing the library quite often and it does nothing, tried restarting my PC and uninstalling/installing the desktop app as well. Nothing helps.
  3. Okay, I can claim and download new games just fine now, but the ones I saved while there were issues are still not showing up and I can't download them on the store page.
  4. Same here, everything was working a few days ago. Now I have the same exact issue as the OP. I can see my claimed games when I log in using a browser, but there's nothing appearing in my library on the desktop app that you need to actually download things. All that saving to my library does is make the download button on the game's store page not function.
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