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  1. Hopefully this is the correct forum for this, but I'm in the market for a laptop to be a mobile VR station and a laptop for gaming at work ( I work nights). I do plan on using the laptop for normal gaming, but nothing intense, and I don't need it to be amazing, just something to get me through the nights. I mostly just want a system that will run my Vive well, more than likely the 2.0 in the near future and I need suggestions. Below are 2 systems I'm looking at and I need the opinion from people more versed in VR than I =\


    Laptop 1: $1200     AMAZON ASIN: B07SXTDL1S

    ASUS TUF 15.6" monitor @ 120Hz. 4 Ghz AMD Ryzen 7 R7-3750H (4 Core), 16GB RAM, 6GB RTX 2060, 512GB SSD 

    For anyone not familiar with TUF its basically a rugged laptop. "Military Grade" So it's built to withstand a bit of punishment (looks like a good idea when using laptop as a mobile VR platform)


    Laptop 2: $1900     AMAZON ASIN: B07R1P4DQG

    Razer Blade 15, 15.6" monitor @ 144Hz. 4.6 Ghz Core-i7 9750H (6 Core), 16GB RAM, 8GB RTX 2060, 512GB SSD

    More power and better monitor, but won't be using that much because of the VR headset.

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