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  1. I have Oculus Rift S headset. And i have one game that i bought on Steam. The Talos Principle VR. When i started that game for the first time, it got automatically aded to Oculus app game library. I also downloaded I Expect You TO Die trough Viveport Infinity. When i started that game for the first time, it launched SteamVR and Oculus app. And it got automatically added to Oculus app game library. However, yesterday i also downloaded Arizona sunshine trough Viveport Infinity. It does the same thing of launching SteamVR and Oculus app, but it is not present in Oculus game library for some reason. This game has co-op. So i have absolutely no idea how do i invite a friend to join me. If i got this game trough steam, things would be very simple. But i have no idea how to invite my friend to play co-op with me since we both got the game trough viveport infinity. Anyone knows how?
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