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  1. @bug2k To change your views in games that use SteamVR (incl VivePort) you can use the free addon to StreamVR called 'OpenVR- Advanced settings'.  See the following link to get this and it explains how to use it.  There are also a number of YouTube tutorials as well if you search YT. Takes a little while to learn but it is very handy for a number of quick, on the fly changes imho.


    Hope this helps.

  2. Quick fixed by reinstalling win10 microsoft visual c++ 2015-2019 redistributable, both x86 and x64 versions.  I can only get it to startup from the VivePort destop app library.  It will not startup from any SteamVR menus. (including Vive).  So, still a little buggy imho.

  3. 10 hours ago, TomCgcmfc said:

    I tried playing Funland today and I got a startup error message (Game-win64 shipping.exe - system error).  It suggested I reinstall  and I did this but it did not help.  I also tried a Repair but this did not help either.  This was the same  for both my Vive Pro and Oculus Rift and I got the following message in both cases;

    The code executions cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found.  Reinstalling the program did not help.

    I tried a number of other Infinity games today on both my Rift and Vive Pro and they all worked fine.  So, I think there might be a bug in Funland.  Please look into this.  Thanks.


    I also noticed a number of other users/reviewers that have also recently found this startup error = missing dll file.  Probably a combination of the latest Funland update and latest Win10 updates.  Who knows.  Again, right now this seems to be the only VivePort Infinity games that is effected for me.  Hopefully the developer can fix this soon because I really like Funland for a quick/relaxing change of pace and the graphics are fantastic.

  4. I tried playing Funland today and I got a startup error message (Game-win64 shipping.exe - system error).  It suggested I reinstall  and I did this but it did not help.  I also tried a Repair but this did not help either.  This was the same  for both my Vive Pro and Oculus Rift and I got the following message in both cases;

    The code executions cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found.  Reinstalling the program did not help.

    I tried a number of other Infinity games today on both my Rift and Vive Pro and they all worked fine.  So, I think there might be a bug in Funland.  Please look into this.  Thanks.


  5. I tried OHSHAPE for the first time today with my Cosmos and as soon as the initial startup screen (where you are supposed to press ok) it crashes.  I also tried it with my Oculus Rift and it did the same thing.  I tried uninstalling them reinstalled but this did not make any difference.  I have the latest VivePort updates.  This is the only VivePort app that I have ever had do this.  Gotta be a bug in there somewhere imho.

  6. On 10/25/2019 at 6:31 AM, SuperNikoPower said:

    Hi @TomCgcmfc

    For this, I'm going to submit a ticket on your behalf. Responses come through to the email address you have on file with your forum account. 


    Been almost 2 months and still not resolved.  I have had a couple of replies asking how Support is doing and have answered both times = not very well.  Request #24331  btw.

    Fortunately this is not a major issue for me.  I just need to avoid  using lense as a pause buton, lol!  I'd much rather Vive spends their time improving Cosmos tracking, which is slowly improving.  Thanks.

  7. 6 hours ago, Phr00t said:

    If you want to read more about the tool and its reception years ago, see the reddit announcement of it. People did their best to nitpick it, but it was also well defended. It is really just a simple tool, and there are other old ones that would probably give similar results (like this one).

    If you want to read more about increasing the field of view by adding to the outermost areas, see how Microsoft researchers did just that and reduced motion sickness.

    Many factors go into field of view, yes. However, the Vive Cosmos could remove one of those significant limitations (LCD utilization) to their field of view with a software tweak or option here.

    I don't expect developers to march along, but I also didn't expect being called a troll for bringing up, documenting and demonstrating this issue.

    So, 3 years ago someone with a DK1 agreed with you.  I'm sure your mother is very proud, lol!  As far as I can see (no pun intended) none are currently using this tool and none are marching to your drum.  Sorry but if there were an Ignore option with this forum you would be first on my list.  However, please do not expect me to reply to any of your posts from this time on.  Hopefully this will suit you as well.  Maybe in 3 years time you can post this all over again, just like groundhog day lol!

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  8. 18 hours ago, stvnxu said:

    @Phr00t & @Fink,

    Our engineering team updated me last night, and they are aware of this and looking into it. That's the latest I have so far, and the good news is that it's on their radar and are active about this topic. I'll update you when I hear more here. Also, feel free to follow up end of next week. 


    It will be interesting to hear back as to what they actually think about this.

  9. Please tell your mum/wife/partner (hard to be politically correct these days) that a well lite untidy room works best, lol!  The rest I'm sure you will figure out yourself after referring to the Cosmos manual  imho.,   Try googling for Vive Cosmos Support, and you will find something like this;


    Good luck with your new Cosmos and I hope it work out as well for you as mine has so far.


  10. I gotta say that I am very impressed with the vast selection of Infinity games/apps that came with my pre-ordered Cosmos.  Most of these work very well but many, even those on the the Best on Cosmos section, still do not work with Cosmos controllers and/or still display and make you use OG Vive controller touchpads buy moving and pressing down on the Cosmos controllers thumb sticks.  Not a very comfortable thing to do btw.  Some games like Combat Helicopter and Helicopter VR just do not work well period. 

    I think that Viveport needs to fully test all games/apps that are supposed to be Cosmos compatible to make sure that this is the case and work with developers to help fix them.  Thanks.

  11. UPDATE;

    I have tried this again during the day with a lot more light in my room and it starts up perfectly.  So, this issue was probably due to lower night time lighting (which I still think is pretty bright).  I thought I better let you know.  Also, I am enjoying using my Cosmos and love the new Vive Reality System.  I have also let Vive Support know this.  Cheers.

  12. 5 hours ago, Phr00t said:

    It is clear by the status update above that tracking issues are being worked on, so I wouldn't be worried that is being overlooked.

    As I said in the other thread, you need to actually measure the field of view with a tool instead of relying on subjective "looks fine to me" sentiments. Oculus headsets are not known for impressive fields of view, so subjectively comparing to those isn't saying much.

    This "rainbow edge" you are concerned about is visible in the passthrough side of the screenshot I provided (seen here). It is clear the rainbow effect is extremely minor, and considering it is just on your far periphery, it will be almost impossible to notice let alone be bothered by it. However, significant encroaching blackness on your periphery is noticeable and leads to that well known binocular effect.

    At the very least, it should be an option to increase the field of view (by removing the vignette to the passthrough borders), because otherwise it is very noticeable comparing to my Odyssey+ (both subjectively and measured).

    Sorry mate but your so-called tool (using java 8 and steamVR resources) looks like something you created ~4 years ago and you seem to be the only one using it.  I wonder why?  Maybe you are being a bit trollish?  Hopefully not.  Nor does it appear you have gotten any positive response to this on any other forum (like Steam) you have posted this on. 

    I also do not have much faith in your passthrough vs headset border views conclusions.  Slightly increasing the FOV in the outermost part of the lens where the image is already well out of its sweet spot, and hence already blurry, does not sound like this is going to improve overall immersion imho.   Still, might be something in it, but I doubt it.

    Also, I believe that the published FOV for all VR headsets is diagonal, not horiz/vert.  Plus, there are so many individual factors that ultimately effect each person's perceived FOV such as ipd, eye/lens distance, face shape, glasses wearer, just to name a few.  So, ultimately I guess it is pretty subjective, and always will be for VR headset consumers.  Given the similar sizes of all major PCVR headsets lens and geometry it is unlikely that FOV is going to vary significantly right now, and will likely remain subjective for some time to come.  The Index (which is still  a Valve experiment right now imho) uses a combination of adjustable eye relief (Rift S also does this) and 5 deg canted lens to potentially provide 130 deg (diagonal) FOV.  Unfortunately, not all software has been modified yet to support their non-parallel (canted) lens.

    Look mate, this is an open forum so please feel free to beat your little drum on it.  Just don't expect everyone (including developers) to jump in and march to its beat, lol!

  13. 34 minutes ago, Phr00t said:

    Thank you for the update and timetable. My return window is early November, so I should be able to evaluate these changes. I will be optimistic that "optimizations and improvements not mentioned here" refer to the field of view issues, which I'm looking forward to just as much as tracking improvements.

    I realise that this this FOV issue is important to you but I feel the tracking issues and controller compatibility are much more important to most.  Personally I think the FOV is fine.  It is at least as good, maybe even a little better than my Oculus Rift cv1.  I had a friend who has a Rift S over the other day and he thought it was better than his.  From my very basic understanding the potential problem with trying to squeeze every last micro bit of border coverage is that you may end up with a rainbow edge effect.  Probably not worth it for a couple of degrees higher FOV.  In any case I'm confident that Vive will review this, just in case it can make a significant difference.

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  14. 47 minutes ago, stvnxu said:

    Hey @TomCgcmfc,

    You are quick on our update! Thank you for sharing. I'll report this back internally and see if we can reproduce on our end. We're glad it's working though, and completely understand the confusion this error code may cause. Three questions:

    • During Beta, did this error code ever pop up?
    • Have you already tried restarting your computer? If so, does this error code still pop up?
    • Could you submit an issue report through the console? Your logs will be collected and I'll attach it to our report. If you can give me your Trace No., that'll make it easier for me to find too.

    Thanks TomCgcmfc for being active and engaging with our forum community here! You've been super helpful for us all and we really appreciate you.


    - Yes, started after I opted into beta.  Also, there were a couple of viveport updates as well.

    -yes, restart and still get the error code.  Even if I just close VR, and restart the console I get the same error code.  I don't know but it almost seems the lag between starting the console and starting steamVR may be causing this.  Who knows?

    - OK, done, Trace # 20191018182701

    Man, that took over 30 minutes to generate.  I kinda think you guys need to streamline this a little better.  With my Oculus Rift there is a process that collects my logs and creates a zip file which I then email to support.  That only takes a couple of minutes to generate and send in.  Probably why they get so many reports, ha-ha!

  15. Since the 1.0.5 update (initially this was beta, now it seems to be final) every time I startup my Cosmos console I get the Error code 003 (DisplayPort cable is disconnected or no video stream detected).  After a short delay it connects and works fine.  I have reviewed the Cosmos manual/troubleshooting and have ensured that all my usb ports have the power saving feature unchecked and I have the latest nvidia gpu (gtx1080ti) driver 436.48.  This only started to report this after I initially opted into the Beta and when I just tried rolling back it seems to have stayed on the same version.  Since it does startup after ~10 seconds and then works fine it's probably not too important, just kinda annoying to see the warning and error 003 every time.

  16. Two thing you may want to try if you have not already done this.

    Go to your nvidia control panel, 3D settings tab and make sure on the top line you select to use your high performance nvidia gpu and, further down, that you select prefer maximum performance.  You may also want to check the next tab physx and see on the picture if your DP is actually going from your nvidia gpu.  Also, it sometimes helps to select your nvidia gpu instead of auto select. 

    Not sure why you cannot get your laptop to work properly although it is not exactly a powerhouse system for good VR imho.  You may want to consider a Rift S because it is a little less demanding.  If you have any friends with one it may be worth asking then to let you try it out first.

  17. 7 hours ago, Mockingbird238 said:

    Connecting with wire had resolve this issue and bring back super sharp and stable image.

    I figure current wireless setup is still not stable yet, latest update had improve but still switching low-res and hi-res images.


    Plus I think you need a different battery for the Cosmos.  Higher voltage, 21v.  I believe adaptor kits w/battery should be available in the next month for ~$50.

  18. Thanks for your input but I honestly do not personally notice any significant FOV differences between any of the VR headsets that I have owned;

    WMR Dell, Rift cv1, Rift S,  Oculus Go, and Vive Cosmos.  They all seem fine to me. 

    I don't like moving my eyes all over the place and I prefer to just shift my head. like I would do normally.  Maybe one of the reasons that Tobi eye tracking never worked well for me. 

    One positive thing I have noticed with my new Cosmos compared to my Rift cv1 is that the vertical FOV seems a bit larger.  This means I do not need to shift my head up/down as much, lol!

  19. On 10/10/2019 at 12:53 AM, stvnxu said:

    Hi @TomCgcmfc,

    For which VR experience would you like to pick a direction? This functionality will depend on the developers of the experience to design that.


    You are right Steve, it often depends on the Developer of the game/app.  Unfortunately most that show any stick instructions do not include the Cosmos right now.  Hopefully this will change soon.  


    By hit-and-miss methods I have finally got change of direction in Origin by moving the thumb stick in the direction you want to turn, then pressing it down.  Works pretty well and makes for strong thumbs, lol!  This also works for some games like Nature Trek VR.  BTW, that's a nice relaxing (and free with infinity) app to use after a hard day of trying to figure out how to use the Cosmos, lol!

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  20. 4 minutes ago, VibrantNebula said:


    • SteamVR is two components: the SDK/Runtime which is the software that drives communication between the game engine and the headset and SteamVR Tracking which is a hardware based tracking solution currently consisting of basestations and the sensors to detect their signals.
    • The Cosmos is a SteamVR headset meaning it's natively compatible with SteamVR titles which are driven by the OpenVR/SteamVR SDK/Plugin.
    • The Cosmos does not natively support SteamVR Tracking - neither the headset nor the controllers have the sensors required to detect signals from a base-station. We'll launch an external tracking mod in Q1 2020 to facilitate the headset being tracked by base-stations. The Cosmos is optically tracked - it's using the 6 cameras on the device to track the controllers as well as the HMD's position in 6DoF. You cannot hybridize a SteamVR Tracked device with the headset natively although there are ways to roughly accomplish this using existing SteamVR community-built tools but this falls outside of our current scope of support.

    Maybe your current scope of support should be to at least provide SteamVR compatiblity asap.  Thanks.

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