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  1. Today I noticed that if I called up Lense with my Cosmos during a game and then dismissed it, the games graphics go blurry. I then need to restart the game to get the graphics back to normal. This happened with VR Flight Simulator New York - Cessna.
  2. I gotta say that I am very impressed with the vast selection of Infinity games/apps that came with my pre-ordered Cosmos. Most of these work very well but many, even those on the the Best on Cosmos section, still do not work with Cosmos controllers and/or still display and make you use OG Vive controller touchpads buy moving and pressing down on the Cosmos controllers thumb sticks. Not a very comfortable thing to do btw. Some games like Combat Helicopter and Helicopter VR just do not work well period. I think that Viveport needs to fully test all games/apps that are supposed to be Cosmos compatible to make sure that this is the case and work with developers to help fix them. Thanks.
  3. I know its a personal preference thing but I dislike the Oculus Home environment (and SteamVR Home as well). I have no desire to create a dollhouse. I just want to get into a place that I can easily select which apps I want to open/buy/uninstall them. The latest Oculus version 1.42 PTC (public test channel) allows you to finally go Homeless and I am loving it! I really hope that Vive does not spend a lot of time allowing customisation of their Origin environment. I'd rather they keep Origin simple and spend their time on more important things like VR performance and compatibility.
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