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  1. The game goes into your Viveport folder which is located where you asked it to go in your VivePort settings. Unlike Steam apps there are no desktop shortcuts. I don't find these shortcuts are very useful for me most of the time anyway.
  2. Works fine both ways for me. Just try it both ways to see what you prefer. I use a Vive Pro and Oculus Quest 2 and I normally start up SteamVR then select a VivePort game from the SteamVR void library panels.
  3. So both Oculus and Steam can do this but not Vive? How embarrassing, lol!
  4. Thanks but I already know how to change the default destination. What I want to be able to do is to leave most of my games on my HDD and put a few more complex (longer loading times) on my SSD. You can do this with Steam and Oculus but not VivePort.
  5. I have a few large VivePort games (eg Seeking Dawn) that would run and load much faster from my C drive (SSD) than on my D drive (HDD = VP default). Most smaller games do not make much difference. I do this with some of my Oculus and Steam store games using their simple move option. Unfortunately this option does not appear to be available on VivePort. Maybe I'm missing something? Or maybe it's something that should be added. Thanks.
  6. I'm really loving the new Dark format as a default. However, it may be a good idea to allow users to select between the original and new Dark formats imho. I do not see anywhere in options where this is currently possible. Thanks for going Dark, lol!
  7. @bug2k To change your views in games that use SteamVR (incl VivePort) you can use the free addon to StreamVR called 'OpenVR- Advanced settings'. See the following link to get this and it explains how to use it. There are also a number of YouTube tutorials as well if you search YT. Takes a little while to learn but it is very handy for a number of quick, on the fly changes imho. https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings Hope this helps.
  8. Quick fixed by reinstalling win10 microsoft visual c++ 2015-2019 redistributable, both x86 and x64 versions. I can only get it to startup from the VivePort destop app library. It will not startup from any SteamVR menus. (including Vive). So, still a little buggy imho.
  9. I also noticed a number of other users/reviewers that have also recently found this startup error = missing dll file. Probably a combination of the latest Funland update and latest Win10 updates. Who knows. Again, right now this seems to be the only VivePort Infinity games that is effected for me. Hopefully the developer can fix this soon because I really like Funland for a quick/relaxing change of pace and the graphics are fantastic.
  10. I tried playing Funland today and I got a startup error message (Game-win64 shipping.exe - system error). It suggested I reinstall and I did this but it did not help. I also tried a Repair but this did not help either. This was the same for both my Vive Pro and Oculus Rift and I got the following message in both cases; The code executions cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program did not help. I tried a number of other Infinity games today on both my Rift and Vive Pro and they all worked fine. So, I think there might be a bug in Funland. Please look into this. Thanks.
  11. OK, just got an update today and it now seems to work fine. Thanks.
  12. I tried OHSHAPE for the first time today with my Cosmos and as soon as the initial startup screen (where you are supposed to press ok) it crashes. I also tried it with my Oculus Rift and it did the same thing. I tried uninstalling them reinstalled but this did not make any difference. I have the latest VivePort updates. This is the only VivePort app that I have ever had do this. Gotta be a bug in there somewhere imho.
  13. Been almost 2 months and still not resolved. I have had a couple of replies asking how Support is doing and have answered both times = not very well. Request #24331 btw. Fortunately this is not a major issue for me. I just need to avoid using lense as a pause buton, lol! I'd much rather Vive spends their time improving Cosmos tracking, which is slowly improving. Thanks.
  14. Today I noticed that if I called up Lense with my Cosmos during a game and then dismissed it, the games graphics go blurry. I then need to restart the game to get the graphics back to normal. This happened with VR Flight Simulator New York - Cessna.
  15. I gotta say that I am very impressed with the vast selection of Infinity games/apps that came with my pre-ordered Cosmos. Most of these work very well but many, even those on the the Best on Cosmos section, still do not work with Cosmos controllers and/or still display and make you use OG Vive controller touchpads buy moving and pressing down on the Cosmos controllers thumb sticks. Not a very comfortable thing to do btw. Some games like Combat Helicopter and Helicopter VR just do not work well period. I think that Viveport needs to fully test all games/apps that are supposed to be Cosmos compatible to make sure that this is the case and work with developers to help fix them. Thanks.
  16. I know its a personal preference thing but I dislike the Oculus Home environment (and SteamVR Home as well). I have no desire to create a dollhouse. I just want to get into a place that I can easily select which apps I want to open/buy/uninstall them. The latest Oculus version 1.42 PTC (public test channel) allows you to finally go Homeless and I am loving it! I really hope that Vive does not spend a lot of time allowing customisation of their Origin environment. I'd rather they keep Origin simple and spend their time on more important things like VR performance and compatibility.
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